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I'm now creating an archive site for all known Metallica shows. I'm reviewing each show with as much detail as possible. Check back often. I am searching everywhere to find source information. If you know someone that taped Metallica, please contact me. I would love to add their source information to this list. The taper can remain anonymous if they'd like. Since I've started this archive, I've had a few tapers come forward. Thanks to those that have helped!


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Spanning 39 Years of Metallica's Career

Date Venue: City, State(Country) Quality Format
08/04/82 Whiskey A Go-Go: Hollywood, CA EX CD 09/18/82 The Stone: San Francisco, CA G- FLAC 10/18/82 Old Waldorf: San Francisco, CA VG+ FLAC 11/29/82 Old Waldorf: San Francisco, CA VG+ FLAC 03/05/83 The Stone: San Francisco, CA VG+ FLAC 03/19/83 The Stone: San Francisco, CA VG DVD 04/08/83 Paramount Theater: Staten Island, NY G FLAC 04/09/83 L'Amours: Brooklyn, NY VG+ FLAC 04/22/83 Paramount Theater: Staten Island, NY G+ FLAC 04/24/83 Paramount Theater: Staten Island, NY G FLAC 07/29/83 Rising Sun: Yonkers NY G+ FLAC 08/05/83 L'Amour East: Elmhurst, NY VG- FLAC 08/06/83 L'Amours: Brooklyn, NY G+ FLAC 08/10/83 Seagull Inn: Baltimore, MD G- FLAC 08/12/83 Metro: Chicago, IL EX DVD 08/28/83 Corbett Center: Las Cruces, NM G- FLAC 08/30/83 The Country Club: Reseda, CA VG FLAC 09/02/83 Keystone: Berkeley, CA G- FLAC 10/31/83 Keystone: Palo Alto, CA EX FLAC 11/04/83 Country Club: Reseda, CA VG FLAC 11/25/83 Keystone: Berkeley, CA VG FLAC 11/26/83 The Stone: San Francisco, CA VG FLAC 12/15/83 Broadway Jacks: Chicago, IL G+ FLAC 12/15/83 Broadway Jacks: Chicago, IL VG FLAC 12/18/83 Agora Ballroom: Cleveland, OH VG FLAC 12/30/83 Fountain Casino: Aberdeen, NJ G+ FLAC 12/31/83 Left Bank: Mount Vernon, NY B FLAC 01/20/84 Bee's Rock III: Middletown, NY EX FLAC 01/21/84 Rio Theater: Valley Stream, NY G+ FLAC 01/22/84 Channel: Boston, MA G FLAC 02/05/84 Teatro Tenda: Milan Italy G+ FLAC 02/07/84 Hemmerleinhalle: Nuremburg, West Germany VG+ FLAC 02/09/84 Espace Ballard: Paris, Frace G+ FLAC 02/11/84 Aardshock Festival: Zwolle, Holland VG+ FLAC 02/12/84 Maecke Blyde: Poperinge, Belgium G FLAC 03/27/84 Marquee: London, England EX- FLAC 04/08/84 Marquee: London, England EX- FLAC 06/06/84 Stadgehoorzaal: Leiden, Holland G- FLAC 06/07/84 Volksildungsheim: Frankfurt, West Germany VG- FLAC 06/08/84 Jumbo: Oldenzall, Holland G+ FLAC 06/09/84 Evenementhenhal: Zwaagwesteinde, Holland VG- FLAC 06/10/84 Bosco Sportfield: Poperinge, Belgium VG- FLAC 07/20/84 Mabuhay Gardens: San Francisco, CA VG FLAC 08/03/84 Roseland Ballroom: New York NY G- FLAC 08/29/84 Le Bourget: Paris, France G+ FLAC 11/17/84 Macke Blyde: Poperinge, Belgium G+ FLAC 11/18/84 Espace Ballard: Paris, France VG FLAC 11/20/84 Palais D' Hiver: Lyon France VG- FLAC 11/21/84 Stadium: Marseilles, France VG+ FLAC 11/22/84 Le Riff: Toulouse, France EX+ FLAC 11/23/84 Halles du Grand Prac: Bordeaux, France VG+ FLAC 11/25/84 Theatre de Verdue: Nice, France VG FLAC 11/27/84 Palas Giovani: Milan, Italy VG FLAC 11/30/84 Volkshaus: Zurich, Switzerland VG- FLAC 12/01/84 Elzerhof: Mainz, West Germany VG- FLAC 12/02/84 Hemmerleinhalle: Nuremburg, West Germany G+ FLAC 12/03/84 Kulturhaus Kaefertal: Mannheim, West Germany G+ FLAC 12/04/84 Ausstellungshalle: Sindelfingern, West Germany VG+ FLAC 12/05/84 Stadthalle: Cologne, West Germany EX FLAC 12/07/84 Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland VG+ FLAC 12/08/84 Halle Gartlage: Osnabruck, West Germany B FLAC 12/09/84 Markthalle: Hamburg, Germany VG+ FLAC 12/11/84 Saga Cinema: Copenhagen, Denmark VG- FLAC 12/12/84 Gotelajon: Stockholm, Sweden VG+ FLAC 12/14/84 Tarvashovi: Tarvasjoki, Finland G+ FLAC 12/20/84 Lyceum: London, England EX- FLAC 01/10/85 Skyway Club: Scotia, NY VG FLAC 01/12/85 Darby's: Philadelphia, PA G- FLAC 01/13/85 Coast to Coast: Baltimore, MD VG FLAC 01/15/85 The Spectrum: Montreal, Quebec EX FLAC 01/16/85 The Spectrum: Montreal, Quebec G FLAC 01/18/85 Civic Center: Ottawa Canada G+ FLAC 01/19/85 Concert Hall: Toronto Canada VG- FLAC 01/20/85 Salty Dog: Buffalo New York VG+ FLAC 01/25/85 L'Amours: Brooklyn, NY VG FLAC 01/26/85 L'Amours: Brooklyn, NY VG- FLAC 01/27/85 L'Amours: Brooklyn, NY G+ FLAC 01/28/85 Newport Music Hall: Columbus OH G+ FLAC 01/29/85 Riverside Saloon: Cincinnati, OH G+ FLAC 01/30/85 Sherwood Country Club: Indianapolis, IN VG FLAC 02/01/85 Royal Oak Music Theater: Detroit, MI EX- FLAC 02/02/85 Variety Theater: Cleveland, OH G+ FLAC 02/05/85 Dayne County Auditorium: Madison, WI VG- FLAC 02/06/85 First Avenue: Minneapolis, MN VG- FLAC 02/09/85 Aragon Ballroom: Chicago, IL VG+ FLAC 03/03/85 Grand Central Station: Albuquerque, NM VG FLAC 03/09/85 State University: San Diego, CA VG- FLAC 03/10/85 Hollywood Palladium: Los Angeles, CA VG+ FLAC 03/14/85 Kabuki Theater: San Francisco, CA VG- FLAC 03/15/85 Kabuki Theater: San Francisco, CA G+ FLAC 03/17/85 Moore Theatre: Seattle, WA G- FLAC 03/18/85 N.Y. Theatre: Vancouver, British Columbia VG- FLAC 08/17/85 Castle Donington: Donington England VG+ FLAC 08/24/85 Ruthies Inn: Berkeley CA VG- FLAC 08/31/85 Oakland Coliseum: Oakland CA. G+ FLAC 09/14/85 Loreley Freilichtbuhne:St. Goarshausen Germany VG/VG FLAC/DVD 12/29/85 Memorial Auditorium: Sacramento, CA VG FLAC 12/31/85 Civic Center: San Francisco CA G- FLAC 03/27/86 Kansas Coliseum: Wichita, KS G+ FLAC 03/29/86 Fairgrounds: Oklahoma City, OK G- FLAC 04/02/86 The Barn: St. Louis, MO G FLAC 04/04/86 Joe Louis Arena: Detriot, MI EX- FLAC/DVD 04/05/86 UIC Pavillion: Chicago IL EX- FLAC 04/06/86 Mecca Arena: Milwaukee, WI VG FLAC 04/08/86 Market Square: Indianapolis, IN G- FLAC 04/09/86 Richfield Coliseum: Cleveland, OH G+ FLAC 04/13/86 War Memorial: Syracuse, NY VG FLAC 04/16/86 Capitol Center: Landover, MD G+ FLAC 04/17/86 Broome County Arena: Binghamton NY VG- FLAC 04/20/86 Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA VG- FLAC 04/21/86 Brenden Byrne Arena: East Rutherford, NJ G+ FLAC 04/24/86 Coliseum: New Haven, CT VG FLAC 04/27/86 Civic Center: Glen Falls, NY VG+ FLAC 04/28/86 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY VG DVD 05/03/86 Freedom Hall: Johnson City, TN VG FLAC 05/12/86 Coliseum: EL Paso, TX EX FLAC 05/13/86 Tingley Coliseum: Albuquerque, NM G+ FLAC 05/24/86 Arena: Cape Girardeau, MO EX+ FLAC 05/25/86 Aragon Ballroom: Chicago IL VG FLAC 05/26/86 Iowa State Fair: Des Moines, IA EX- FLAC 05/28/86 Orpheum Theater: Minneapolis, MN EX- FLAC 05/29/86 Old Mill Expo: Eau Claire, WI EX FLAC 05/30/86 Coliseum Ballroom: Davenport, IA VG+ FLAC 06/13/86 Long Beach Arena: Long Beach, CA VG- FLAC 06/14/86 Long Beach Arena: Long Beach, CA G FLAC 06/15/86 Long Beach Arena: Long Beach, CA VG FLAC 06/17/86 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA EX- FLAC 07/05/86 Saapasjalkarock: Pihtipudas, Finland VG FLAC 07/06/86 Rosklide Festival:Copenhagen, Denmark VG/VG- FLAC/DVD 07/13/86 Poplar Creek: Hoffman Estates, IL VG FLAC 07/16/86 Fort Wayne Coliseum: Fort Wayne, IN VG+ FLAC 07/21/86 Pine Knob: Clarkston, MI VG+ FLAC 07/30/86 Civic Coliseum: Knoxville, TN VG FLAC 08/02/86 Merriweather Pavillion: Columbia, MD G- FLAC 08/03/86 Coliseum: Hampton, VA G+ FLAC 09/10/86 St. David's Hall: Cardiff, England VG FLAC 09/11/86 St George Hall: Bradford England VG- FLAC 09/12/86 Playhouse: Edinburgh, Scotland G+ FLAC 09/14/86 SFX: Dublin, Ireland G FLAC 09/15/86 Ulster Hall: Belfast, Ireland B FLAC 09/17/86 Apollo: Manchester, England VG- FLAC 09/18/86 City Hall: Sheffield England EX- FLAC 09/19/86 Mayfair: Newcastle England VG+ FLAC 09/20/86 The Odeon: Birmingham England VG- FLAC 09/21/86 Hammersmith Odeon: London England VG FLAC 09/24/86 Olympen: Lund Sweden VG+ FLAC 09/25/86 Skedsmohallen: Lillestrom Norway G- FLAC 09/26/86 Solanhallen: Stockholm Sweden VG FLAC 11/08/86 Country Club: Reseda California G+ FLAC 11/09/86 Jezabelle's Club: Anaheim, CA EX- DVD 11/15/86 Shibuya Kokaido: Tokyo, Japan VG+ FLAC 11/17/86 Aichi Koseineken Hall: Nagoya, Japan VG FLAC 11/18/86 Festival Hall: Osaka, Japan G FLAC 11/19/86 Sun Plaza Hall: Tokyo Japan VG FLAC 11/20/86 Sun Plaza Hall: Tokyo Japan G- FLAC 11/28/86 Mid Hudson Civic Center: Poughkeepsie, NY EX- FLAC 11/29/86 Capitol Theatre: Passaic, NJ G+ FLAC 11/30/86 West Hartford Ballroom: Hartford, CT VG FLAC 12/01/86 Felt Forum: New York, NY VG+ FLAC 12/04/86 Canada Center: Chicoutimi, Quebec VG- FLAC 12/05/86 Pavillion de la Jeunesse: Quebec City, Quebec EX DVD 12/07/86 Colisee: Victoriaville, Quebec VG+ FLAC 12/09/86 Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto Ontario EX- DVD 12/13/86 Playhouse Theater: Winnipeg, Manitoba EX- FLAC 12/20/86 Seattle Center Arena: Seattle, WA VG- FLAC 01/08/87 Falkoner Theatre: Copenhagen, Denmark VG- FLAC 01/09/87 Holstebrohalle: Holstebro, Denmark G+ FLAC 01/14/87 S.B.T: Lyon, France G+ FLAC 01/16/87 Grand Parc: Bordeaux, France G FLAC 01/17/87 Sports Palace: Barcelona, Spain VG- FLAC 01/18/87 Real Madrid Pabellon: Madrid, Spain G FLAC 01/20/87 Theatre de Verdure: Nice France VG FLAC 01/21/87 Palatrussardi: Milan Italy VG- FLAC 01/24/87 Boblingen Sporthalle: Stuttgart, Germany G+ FLAC 01/25/87 Grugahalle: Essen, Germany VG+ FLAC 01/27/87 Markthalle: Hamburg, Germany VG+ FLAC 01/29/87 Stadthalle: Frankfurt, Germany VG- FLAC 01/30/87 Friederich-Eberthalle: Ludwigshafen, Germany VG- FLAC 02/01/87 Sportzentrum: Greifenzee, Switzerland VG+ FLAC 02/04/87 Maison des Sports: Clermont-Ferrand, France VG FLAC 02/05/87 Le Zenith: Paris, France VG FLAC 02/07/87 Forest National: Brussels Belgium VG- FLAC 02/08/87 Ijesslhal: Zwolle, Holland EX FLAC 02/11/87 Spodek Hall: Katowice, Poland VG- FLAC 02/13/87 Frolundaborg: Gothenburg, Sweden EX/VG FLAC/2DVD 08/20/87 100 Club: London, England VG/VG FLAC/2DVD 08/22/87 Castle Donington: London, England VG FLAC 08/29/87 Messegelaende: Nuremburg, Germany EX- FLAC 08/30/87 F.C.P. Stadium: Phorzheim, Germany VG+ FLAC 05/24/88 Troubador: West Hollywood, CA VG+ FLAC 05/27/88 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI VG FLAC 05/28/88 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI VG FLAC 06/04/88 Orange Bowl: Miami,FL VG+ DVD 06/05/88 Tampa Stadium: Tampa, FL VG- FLAC 06/10/88 RFK Stadium: Washington, D.C. G- FLAC 06/11/88 JFK Stadium: Philadelphia, PA G FLAC 06/12/88 Sullivan Stadium: Boston MA G+ FLAC 06/15/88 Three Rivers stadium: Pittsburgh, PA VG- FLAC 06/17/88 Silverdome: Pontiac, MI VG FLAC 06/18/88 Silverdome: Pontiac, MI VG- FLAC 06/19/88 Rich Stadium: Buffalo, NY VG/G FLAC/DVD 06/22/88 Rubberbowl: Akron, OH VG- FLAC 06/23/88 Rubberbowl: Akron, OH VG+ FLAC 06/25/88 Oxford Speedway: Oxford, ME VG FLAC 06/26/88 Giants Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ VG+ DVD 07/02/88 Rice Stadium: Houston, TX G- FLAC 07/03/88 Cotton Bowl: Dallas, Texas VG+ DVD 07/06/88 Hoosierdome: Indianapolis, IN VG+ FLAC 07/09/88 Liberty Bowl Stadium: Memphis TN B FLAC 07/13/88 HHH Metrodome: Minneapolis, MN VG FLAC 07/16/88 Candlestick Park: San Francisco, CA G+/VG FLAC/DVD 07/20/88 Joe Albi Stadium: Spokane, WA G+ FLAC 07/24/88 Coliseum: Los Angeles, CA G+/VG- FLAC/DVD 07/27/88 Kingdome: Seattle, WA G- FLAC 09/11/88 MTK Football Stadium: Budapest, Hungary VG- FLAC 09/13/88 Palais des Sports: Padova, Italy VG- FLAC 09/14/88 Palatrussardi: Milan, Italy VG FLAC 09/15/88 Festhalle: Bern, Switzerland VG- FLAC 09/17/88 Plaza Del Toros: Pamplona, Spain G FLAC 09/18/88 Casa De Campo: Madrid, Spain G FLAC 09/20/88 Espace Culturez Dez Lices: Toulon, France VG FLAC 09/21/88 Le Zenith: Montpellier, France VG+ FLAC 09/22/88 Plaza Del Toros: Barcelona Spain VG DVD 09/24/88 Playhouse: Edinburgh, Scotland VG FLAC 09/25/88 Playhouse: Edinburgh, Scotland G+ FLAC 09/26/88 St. George's Hall: Bradford, England EX- FLAC 09/28/88 Centre: Newport, Wales VG- FLAC 09/29/88 NEC: Birmingham, England G FLAC 09/30/88 City Hall: Sheffield, England VG+ FLAC 10/01/88 Antrim Forum: Belfast, Ireland VG+ FLAC 10/03/88 Top Hat: Dublin, Ireland G- FLAC 10/06/88 City Hall: Newcastle, England G+ FLAC 10/08/88 Apollo: Manchester, England VG- FLAC 10/09/88 Hammersmith Odeon: London, England G+ FLAC 10/10/88 Hammersmith Odeon: London, England VG-/EX+ FLAC/DVD 10/11/88 Hammersmith Odeon: London, England VG- FLAC 10/13/88 KB Hallen: Copenhagen, Denmark EX- FLAC 10/15/88 Helsingin Jaahalli: Helsinki Finland EX-/VG- FLAC/DVD 10/17/88 Solna Municipality: Stockholm, Sweden VG- FLAC 10/18/88 Skedsmohallen: Oslo Norway VG-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 10/19/88 Frolundaborg: Gothenburg, Sweden VG+ FLAC 10/21/88 Sedmeyerhalle: Munich, West Germany VG FLAC 10/22/88 Saarlandhalle: Saarbrucken, West Germany VG+ FLAC 10/23/88 Carl-Diem-Halle: Wuerzberg, West Germany G+ FLAC 10/24/88 Niedersachsenhalle: Hannover, West Germany VG FLAC 10/26/88 Sporthalle: Cologne, West Germany EX/VG- FLAC/2DVD 10/27/88 Westfalenhalle: Dortmund, West Germany VG FLAC 10/28/88 Rhein-Neckar: Heidelberg, West Germany G+ FLAC 10/29/88 Forest National: Brussels Belgium VG+ FLAC/2DVD 10/31/88 Le Zenith: Paris, France EX- FLAC 11/01/88 Festhalle: Frankfurt, West Germany VG FLAC 11/02/88 Schleyerhalle: Stuttgart, West Germany VG FLAC 11/03/88 Donauhalle: Regensburg, West Germany G+ FLAC 11/05/88 Groenoordhal: Leiden, Holland VG FLAC 11/15/88 Sports Arena: Toledo, OH VG+ FLAC 11/17/88 Pavillion: Chicago, IL VG+ FLAC 11/22/88 Mecca Arena: Milwaukee WI VG+ FLAC 11/24/88 Market Square Arena: Indianapolis, IN EX- FLAC 11/25/88 Cobo Arena: Detriot MI VG+ FLAC 11/26/88 Richfield Coliseum: Cleveland, OH G- FLAC 11/28/88 Kiel Auditorium: St. Louis, MO G- FLAC 11/29/88 Municipal Auditorium: Kansas City, MO G+ FLAC 11/30/88 Myriad: Oklahoma City, OK VG+ 2DVD 12/02/88 Tingley Coliseum: Albuquerque, NM G-/?? FLAC/2DVD 12/04/88 Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Phoenix, AZ VG+ FLAC 12/05/88 Sports Arena: San Diego, CA VG+ FLAC 12/07/88 Long Beach Arena: Long Beach, CA EX- FLAC 12/08/88 Long Beach Arena: Long Beach, CA G FLAC 12/10/88 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA G FLAC 12/11/88 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA G FLAC 12/12/88 Arco Arena: Sacramento, CA VG+ FLAC 12/18/88 McNichols Arena: Denver CO VG FLAC 01/11/89 Civic Coliseum: Knoxville, TN G FLAC 01/15/89 Lakefront Arena: New Orleans, LA G- FLAC 01/18/89 Ector County Coliseum: Odessa, TX VG+ FLAC 01/20/89 Coliseum: Lubbock, TX G- DVD 01/22/89 Civic Center: Amarillo, TX VG+ FLAC 01/28/89 Expo Square Pavilion: Tusla, OK VG DVD 02/01/89 Convention Center: San Antonio, TX VG+ FLAC 02/03/89 Frank Erwin Center: Austin, Texas EX- FLAC 02/05/89 Reunion Arena: Dallas Texas EX+ FLAC 02/07/89 Barton Coliseum: Little Rock, AR VG FLAC 02/10/89 Civic Center: Lakeland, FL G+ 2DVD 02/11/89 Ocean Center: Daytona Beach, FL VG FLAC 02/12/89 Knight Center: Miami, Florida VG FLAC 02/14/89 Lee Civic Center: Ft. Myers, FL G+ 2DVD 02/15/89 Auditorium: West Palm Beach, FL VG- 2DVD 02/17/89 Coliseum: Jacksonville, FL EX- FLAC 02/19/89 Coliseum: Greensboro, NC VG- FLAC 02/26/89 Coliseum: Charlotte, NC VG FLAC 02/27/89 Civic Center: Savannah, GA VG+ FLAC 03/01/89 Brenden Byrne Arena: East Rutherford, NJ VG+ DVD 03/02/89 Stabler Arena: Bethlehem, PA G- FLAC 03/04/89 Civic Center: Pittsburgh, PA EX/VG- FLAC/2DVD 03/07/89 War Memorial: Rochester NY VG FLAC 03/08/89 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY VG/VG FLAC/DVD 03/09/89 Capital Center: Landover, MD VG FLAC 03/11/89 Scope Arena: Norfolk, VA VG- FLAC 03/12/89 Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA VG+/VG+ DVD 03/13/89 Memorial Auditorium: Buffalo, NY EX- 2DVD 03/15/89 R.P.I. Fieldhouse: Troy, NY EX- 2DVD 03/16/89 Centrum: Worcester, MA VG FLAC 03/17/89 Civic Center: Hartford, CT EX 2DVD 03/18/89 War Memorial: Syracuse, NY VG- FLAC 03/29/89 Civic Center: Providence, RI EX- FLAC 04/01/89 Coliseum: Moncton, New Brunswick VG- FLAC 04/04/89 Metro Center: Halifax, Nova Scotia VG+ DVD 04/06/89 Civic Center: Ottawa, Ontario VG- FLAC 04/07/89 Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto Ontraio VG+ 2DVD 04/08/89 Copps Coliseum: Hamilton, Ontario VG+ FLAC 04/10/89 Colisee De Quebec: Quebec City, Quebec VG FLAC 04/12/89 Montreal Forum: Montreal, Quebec VG/VG- FLAC/DVD 04/14/89 Kellogg Arena: Battlecreek, MI EX- FLAC 04/16/89 Hara Arena: Dayton, OH EX- FLAC 04/18/89 Peoria Civic Center:Peoria, IL VG 2DVD 04/21/89 Met Center: Minneapolis, MN VG FLAC 05/03/89 Thebarton Theatre: Adelaide, Australia VG- FLAC 05/04/89 Festival Hall: Melbourne, Australia VG+ FLAC 05/06/89 Hordern Pavillion: Sydney, Australia VG- FLAC 05/11/89 Sangyo Bunka Kaikan: Kawasaki, Japan VG+ FLAC 05/13/89 Yoyogi Olympic Pool Hall: Tokyo, Japan VG+ FLAC 05/14/89 Yoyogi Olympic Pool Hall: Tokyo, Japan VG FLAC 05/16/89 Koseinenkin Hall: Osaka, Japan VG- FLAC 05/17/89 Koseinenkin Hall: Osaka, Japan VG+ FLAC 05/18/89 Shi Kokaido: Nagoya Japan VG+ FLAC 05/24/89 Neil Blaisdell Center: Honolulu HI G+ FLAC 05/31/89 PNE Expo Center: Vancouver, BC VG+ FLAC 06/06/89 Winnipeg Arena: Winnipeg, Manitoba VG- FLAC 06/08/89 DECC: Duluth, MN VG+ FLAC 06/10/89 Met Center: Minneapolis, MN G+ FLAC 06/11/89 Hilton Coliseum: Ames, IA VG+ FLAC 06/21/89 Sandstone Amphitheatre: Bonner Springs, KS G FLAC 06/24/89 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI VG+ FLAC 06/25/89 Expo Center: Fort Wayne, IN VG+ FLAC 06/29/89 Deer Creek Music Center: Noblesville, IN VG+ FLAC 07/03/89 Pine Knob: Clarkston, MI G+ FLAC 07/04/89 Pine Knob: Clarkston, MI VG FLAC 07/07/89 Poplar Creek: Chicago, IL G+ FLAC 07/08/89 Richfield Coliseum: Cleveland, OH VG FLAC 07/11/89 Civic Center: Pittsburgh, PA VG- FLAC 07/14/89 Orange County Fairgrounds: Middleton, NY VG+ DVD 07/16/89 Cayuga County Fairgrounds: Weedsport, NY VG- FLAC 07/18/89 Lake Compounce: Bristol, CT G+ FLAC 07/19/89 Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA VG+/G+ FLAC/DVD 07/21/89 Meadowlands Arena: East Rutherford, NJ VG- FLAC 07/22/89 Meadowlands Arena: East Rutherford, NJ G+ FLAC 07/23/89 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY VG- FLAC 07/25/89 The Centrum: Worcester, MA VG FLAC 07/28/89 Capital Center: Landover, MD G+ FLAC 07/29/89 Fairgrounds: Allentown, PA VG+ 2DVD 07/30/89 Coliseum: Richmond, VA VG- FLAC 08/07/89 Stone Ballon: Newark DE VG FLAC 08/11/89 Freedom Hall: Johnson City, TN VG+ FLAC 08/12/89 Buckeye Lake: Hebron, OH VG+ FLAC 08/22/89 Summit: Houston, TX VG FLAC 08/29/89 Seattle Coliseum: Seattle, WA VG+ FLAC/2DVD 08/30/89 Seattle Coliseum: Seattle, WA VG FLAC 09/01/89 Memorial Coliseum: Portland, OR G+ FLAC 09/06/89 Casper Events Center: Casper WY VG+ FLAC 09/10/89 Compton Terrace: Chandler AZ VG FLAC 09/14/89 Pavillion: Concord, CA VG+ FLAC 09/15/89 Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA EX- FLAC 09/16/89 Cal Expo Center: Sacramento, CA EX- FLAC 09/21/89 Irvine Meadows: Irvine, CA VG FLAC 09/22/89 Irvine Meadows: Irvine, CA G+ FLAC 09/23/89 Irvine Meadows: Irvine, CA EX-/EX- FLAC/MP4 10/06/89 Projecto: Sao Paulo Brazil VG+/VG+ 2DVD/FLAC 10/07/89 Projecto: Sao Paulo Brazil VG+ 2DVD 05/11/90 Marquee Club: London England VG- DVD 05/16/90 Ijesslhal: Zwolle, Holland VG+ 2DVD 05/17/90 Westfalenhalle: Dortmund, Germany EX/VG- FLAC/DVD 05/19/90 Messehalle: Hannover Germany VG+ FLAC 05/20/90 Groenoordhal: Leiden, Holland EX/VG+ FLAC/DVD 05/21/90 Omnisports De Bercy: Paris, France VG+ FLAC 05/23/90 Wembley Arena: London, England VG FLAC 05/25/90 NEC Arena: Birmingham, England VG+ FLAC 05/26/90 S.E.C.C: Glasgow, Scotland VG+ FLAC 06/29/90 CNE Grandstand: Toronto, Ontario VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 06/30/90 Silver Stadium: Rochester, NY G FLAC 11/09/90 Palladium: Hollywood, CA EX- DVD 08/01/91 Phoenix Theatre: Petaluma, CA G+ DVD 08/02/91 Phoenix Theatre: Petaluma, CA G+ DVD 08/10/91 Gentofte Stadium: Copenhagen, Denmark VG-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 08/13/91 Slask Stadium: Katowice, Poland G DVD 08/17/91 Castle Donington: Donington Park, England VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 08/22/91 Nep Stadium: Budapest Hungary G+/G- FLAC/DVD 08/24/91 Galoppernnbahn Riem: Munich, Germany VG FLAC 08/25/91 Fussballstadion St. Jakob: Basel, Switzerland EX- FLAC 08/27/91 Waldbuhne Amphitheatre: Berlin, Germany VG+ FLAC 08/30/91 Domein Kiewit: Hasselt, Belgium VG+/VG- FLAC/DVD 08/31/91 Niedersachsenstadion: Hannover, Germany VG/VG- FLAC/DVD 09/01/91 Goffer Stadium: Nijmegen, Holland VG/VG- FLAC/DVD 09/07/91 Air Base: Mainz, Germany VG- FLAC 09/11/91 Liebenau: Graz, Austria VG FLAC 09/14/91 Festa De L'Unita: Modena, Italy VG-/G+ FLAC/DVD 09/17/91 Westfalenhalle: Dortmand Germany EX/VG+ FLAC/DVD 09/18/91 Westfalenhalle: Dortmand Germany EX/VG FLAC/DVD 09/21/91 Hippodrome De Vincennes: Paris, France VG-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 09/24/91 Olympic Stadium: Barcelona, Spain G+ DVD 09/28/91 Tushino Air Field: Moscow Russia EX- DVD 10/12/91 Oakland Stadium: Oakland CA VG/VG- FLAC/3DVD 10/28/91 Civic Center: Peoria, IL EX- DVD 10/29/91 Civic Center: Peoria, IL EX- 3DVD 10/30/91 Dane Country Arena: Madison, WI VG- FLAC 11/01/91 L.C. Walker Arena: Muskegon, MI VG+/EX+ 3DVD/DL-DVD 11/02/91 Palace of Auburn Hills: Detriot, MI G+/G- FLAC/2DVD 11/03/91 Palace of Auburn Hills: Detriot, MI VG+/EX+ FLAC/DVD/DL-DVD 11/05/91 Bradley Center: Milwaukee, WI VG/VG- FLAC/2DVD 11/06/91 Veterans Memorial Auditorium: Des Moines, IA G+ FLAC 11/08/91 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/09/91 DECC: Duluth, MN VG 3DVD 11/10/91 Five Seasons Center: Cedar Rapids, IA VG+ FLAC 11/12/91 Brown County Arena: Green Bay, WI VG 2DVD 11/14/91 Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto, Ontario VG FLAC 11/15/91 Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto, Ontario EX- 2DVD 11/17/91 The Forum: Montreal, Quebec EX-/G- FLAC/3DVD 11/18/91 Civic Center: Ottawa, Ontario EX- 3DVD 11/19/91 Coliseum: Quebec City, Quebec G+/VG FLAC/2DVD 11/21/91 Civic Center: Pittsburgh, PA VG+ FLAC 11/22/91 Market Square Arena: Indianapolis, IN EX- FLAC 11/24/91 Arena: St. Louis, MO VG+ 2DVD 11/25/91 Coliseum: Ft. Wanye, IN EX- FLAC 11/27/91 Civic Center: Omaha, NE EX- 2DVD 11/28/91 Kemper Arena: Kansas City, MO G 3FLAC 11/30/91 Richfield Coliseum: Cleveland, OH VG DVD 12/01/91 Richfield Coliseum: Cleveland, OH VG FLAC 12/03/91 Municipal Auditorium: Buffalo, NY VG+ 3FLAC 12/05/91 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL VG-/VG- FLAC/2DVD 12/06/91 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL G+ FLAC 12/07/91 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL VG 2DVD 12/18/91 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY VG/VG+ FLAC/3DVD 12/19/91 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY EX-/EX- FLAC/3DVD 12/20/91 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY EX- 2DVD 12/22/91 Centrum: Worcester, MA G+ FLAC 12/23/91 Centrum: Worcester, MA EX 4DVD 12/31/91 Tokyo Dome: Tokyo, Japan VG FLAC 01/04/92 Thomas & Mack Center: Las Vegas, NV VG+/VG- 150 mins/2DVD 01/06/92 Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA VG+/VG FLAC/3DVD 01/07/92 Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA VG+/VG+ FLAC/3DVD 01/08/92 Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA VG/G+ FLAC/2DVD 01/10/92 Arco Arena: Sacramento, CA VG-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 01/11/92 Arco Arena: Sacramento, CA VG+ FLAC 01/13/92 Sports Arena: San Diego, CA VG- FLAC 01/14/92 Sports Arena: San Diego, CA VG/VG- FLAC/DVD 01/18/92 UNO Lakefront Arena: New Orleans, LA VG+ FLAC 01/20/92 Barton Coliseum: Little Rock, AR VG 4DVD 01/21/92 Reunion Arena: Dallas, TX G- DVD 01/22/92 Convention Center: San Antonio, TX G- DVD 01/24/92 Myriad Arena: Oklahoma City, OK EX- 3DVD 01/27/92 Frank Erwin Center: Austin, TX VG DVD 01/29/92 Pyramid: Memphis, TN EX- FLAC 02/02/92 Tingley Coliseum:Albuquerque, NM VG- FLAC 02/03/92 Municipal Coliseum: Lubbock, TX VG+ 2DVD 02/04/92 Ector County Coliseum: Odessa, TX VG- 2DVD 02/10/92 Delta Center: Salt Lake City, UT EX 2DVD 02/12/92 Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA B 2DVD 02/13/92 Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA VG 3DVD 02/15/92 Selland Arena: Fresno, CA VG+ 3DVD 02/16/92 Lawlor Events Center: Reno, NV VG+ 2DVD 02/27/92 Cumberland County Civic Center: Portland,ME VG+ 2DVD 02/28/92 Knickerbocker Arena: Albany, NY EX-/VG FLAC/2DVD 02/29/92 Civic Center: Providence, RI VG+/EX- FLAC/3DVD 03/02/92 Riverfront Coliseum: Cincinnati, OH VG+ FLAC 03/04/92 Siu Arena: Carbondale, IL VG 2DVD 03/05/92 Assembly Hall: Champaign, IL EX- 2DVD 03/07/92 Thompson-Boling Arena: Knoxville, TN EX- FLAC 03/08/92 Roberts Stadium: Evansville, IN VG 2DVD 03/12/92 UTC Arena: Chattanooga, TN VG 2DVD 03/14/92 Arena: Miami, FL EX 4DVD 03/15/92 Veterans Memorial Coliseum: Jacksonville, FL EX 3DVD 03/16/92 Orlando Arena: Orlando, FL VG 3DVD 03/22/92 Civic Center: Charleston, WV VG 2DVD 03/24/92 Civic Center: Pensacola, FL VG+ 2DVD 03/25/92 Jefferson Civic Colisum: Birmingham, AL EX- 3DVD 03/26/92 Coliseum Complex: Greensboro, NC VG DL-DVD 03/28/92 Omni: Atlanta, GA G+ 2DVD 03/31/92 Coliseum: Richmond, VA G+ FLAC 04/02/92 Capital Center: Landover, MD VG+ 2DVD 04/04/92 Brendan Byrne Arena: East Rutherford, NJ VG+/EX- FLAC/4DVD 04/06/92 Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA EX- FLAC 04/07/92 Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA VG- 2DVD 04/08/92 Brendan Byrne Arena: East Rutherford, NJ EX FLAC 04/10/92 Coliseum: Hampton, VA G+ FLAC 04/12/92 Boome County Arena: Binghampton, NY EX-/EX FLAC/4DVD 04/13/92 War Memorial: Rochester, NY VG+ FLAC 04/14/92 Copps Coliseum: Hamilton, Ontario VG+/EX 2DVD/FLAC 04/16/92 Civic Center Arena: Hartford, CT EX- FLAC/4DVD 04/20/92 Wembley: London, England EX/EX CD/DVD 05/06/92 Coliseum: Pullman, WA EX 2DVD-DL 05/09/92 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA G/VG+ FLAC/4DVD 05/10/92 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA G-/VG+ FLAC/4DVD 05/15/92 Bison Sports Arena: Fargo, ND EX- 2DVD 05/17/92 Winnipeg Arena: Winnipeg, Manitoba VG-/VG FLAC 05/23/92 Pine Coliseum: Vancouver, British Columbia VG- 2DVD 05/27/92 Coliseum: Seattle, WA VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 05/28/92 Coliseum: Seattle, WA EX- 2DVD 05/30/92 George Sullivan Arena: Anchorage, AK VG- 2DVD 06/01/92 Coliseum: Portland, OR EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 06/02/92 Coliseum: Portland, OR VG FLAC 06/05/92 Events Center: Casper, WY VG 2DVD 06/09/92 Convention Center Arena: Tucson, AZ VG- 2DVD 06/10/92 America West Arena: Phoenix, AZ VG/VG FLAC/2DVD 06/14/92 Civic Center: Mobile, AL EX-/EX- FLAC/3DVD 06/15/92 LSU Assembly Center: Baton Rouge, LA VG/VG+ 2DVD/2DL-DVD 06/16/92 Mississippi Coliseum: Jackson, MS EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 06/21/92 Sandstone Theater: Bonner Springs, KS VG- FLAC 06/23/92 Riverbend Music Center: Cincinnati, OH EX- FLAC 06/27/92 Castle Farms Music Theatre: Charlevoix, MI G/B FLAC/DVD 06/28/92 Buckeye Lake Music Center: Columbus, OH VG+ FLAC 06/30/92 Summerfest: Milwaukee, WI EX- FLAC 07/03/92 Blossom Music Center: Cleveland, OH VG-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 07/04/92 Cayuga Fairgrounds: Weedsport, NY EX-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 07/05/92 Fairgrounds: Allentown, PA EX-/G FLAC/2DVD 07/17/92 RFK Stadium: Washington D.C. VG+ FLAC 07/18/92 Giants Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ EX- FLAC 07/21/92 Silverdome: Pontiac, MI G- FLAC 07/22/92 Hoosierdome: Indianapolis, IN VG+ FLAC 07/25/92 Rich Stadium: Buffalo, NY G+ FLAC 07/29/92 Giants Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ EX- FLAC 08/08/92 Olympic Stadium: Montreal, Quebec G-/G- FLAC/DVD 08/25/92 International Raceway: Phoenix, AZ VG FLAC 09/02/92 Citrus Bowl: Orlando Fl EX- FLAC 09/07/92 William Brice Stadium: Columbia, SC EX- FLAC 09/11/92 Foxboro Stadium: Boston, MA G FLAC 09/13/92 CNE Grand Stand: Toronto, Ontario VG+ FLAC 09/15/92 HHH Metrodome: Minneapolis, MN G+ FLAC 09/17/92 Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, MO VG FLAC 09/24/92 Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA VG-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 09/27/92 Coliseum: Los Angeles, CA VG FLAC 09/30/92 Jack Murphy Stadium: San Diego, CA VG+ FLAC 10/03/92 Rose Bowl: Pasadena, CA EX- FLAC 10/06/92 Kingdome: Seattle, WA VG+ FLAC 10/22/92 Flander's Expo: Gent, Belgium VG-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 10/24/92 Wembley Arena: London, England VG+/EX- FLAC/2DVD 10/25/92 Wembley Arena: London, England VG+ FLAC 10/27/92 SECC: Glasgow, Scotland VG+ FLAC 10/28/92 Whitley Bay Ice Rink: Whitley Bay, England VG- 2DVD 10/30/92 The Point: Dublin, Ireland VG+ FLAC 11/01/92 Arena: Sheffield, England EX- 3DVD 11/03/92 G-Mex: Manchester, England VG-/VG- FLAC/3DVD 11/04/92 N.E.C: Birmingham, England VG- 3DVD 11/05/92 N.E.C: Birmingham, England VG+/EX- FLAC/3DVD 11/07/92 Ahoy: Rotterdam, Holland EX- 2DVD 11/08/92 Ahoy: Rotterdam, Holland EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/10/92 Bercy: Paris, France VG/VG FLAC/2DVD 11/12/92 Palau Sant Jordi: Barcelona, Spain VG/VG- FLAC/2DVD 11/13/92 Velodrome: San Sebastian, Spain VG FLAC 11/16/92 Palamarino: Rome, Italy VG 2DVD 11/17/92 Palatrussardi: Milan Italy VG+/VG- FLAC/2DVD 11/18/92 Hallenstadion: Zurich, Switzerland VG+ FLAC 11/20/92 Stadthalle: Vienna, Austria B FLAC 11/22/92 Olympiahalle: Munich, Germany VG FLAC 11/23/92 Schleyerhalle: Stuttgart, Germany VG- FLAC 11/24/92 Westfalehalle: Dortmund, Germany EX/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/26/92 Festhalle: Frankfurt Germany VG FLAC/2DVD 11/27/92 Frankenhalle: Nuremburg, Germany VG+ FLAC 11/29/92 Frankenhalle: Nuremburg, Germany G+ FLAC 11/30/92 Maimarkhalle: Mannheim, Germany VG+ FLAC 12/03/92 Ostseehalle: Kiel, Germany EX- FLAC 12/07/92 Brabanthall: Den Bosch, Holland EX-/VG- 2DVD/FLAC 12/09/92 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark VG- 2DVD 12/10/92 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark VG+ FLAC 12/12/92 Scandinaium: Gothenburg, Sweden EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 12/14/92 Spektrum: Oslo, Norway EX 2DVD 12/16/92 Jaahalli: Helsinki, Finland VG+/EX- FLAC/2DVD 12/18/92 Globen: Stockholm, Sweden EX-/VG FLAC/2DVD 01/22/93 Wings Stadium: Kalamazoo, MI EX FLAC 01/23/93 John F. Savage Hall: Toledo, OH EX/EX- FLAC/2DVD 01/26/93 Hershey Park Arena: Hershey, PA VG/EX- FLAC/3DVD 01/28/93 Carver-Hawkeye Arena: Iowa City, IA EX- 2DVD 01/31/93 Metro Center: Rockford, IL VG/G FLAC/2DVD 02/01/93 Wendler Arena: Saginaw, MI EX/VG FLAC/2DVD 02/02/93 Irvin J. Nutter Center: Dayton, OH EX FLAC 02/04/93 Freedom Hall: Johnson City, TN EX FLAC 02/05/93 Rupp Arena: Lexington, KY EX FLAC 02/06/93 Memorial Auditorium: Greenville, SC EX FLAC 02/10/93 Metro Centre: Halifax, Nova Scotia B 2DVD 02/12/93 Forum: Montreal, Quebec EX/VG- FLAC/2DVD 02/13/93 Forum: Montreal, Quebec G/G FLAC/2DVD 02/15/93 Mullens Center: Amherst, MA VG+/EX FLAC/4DVD 02/17/93 Coliseum: Charleston, SC EX- 2DVD 02/19/93 Bayfront Center Arena: St. Petersburg, FL G-/EX- FLAC/4DVD 02/20/93 Lee Civic Center: Ft Myers, FL EX- 3DVD 02/21/93 Civic Center: Tallahasse, FL EX/VG+ FLAC/3DVD 02/xx/93 Sports Palace: Mexico City, Mexico EX+ 2DVD 03/01/93 Sports Palace: Mexico City, Mexico VG- FLAC 03/17/93 Yoyogi Olympic Pool: Tokyo Japan G+ FLAC 03/18/93 Yokohama Arena: Yokohama, Japan VG-/G- FLAC/DVD 03/22/93 Castle Hall: Osaka, Japan EX- 2DVD 03/23/93 Century Hall: Nagoya, Japan EX FLAC 03/26/93 The Supertop: Auckland, New Zealand VG- 3DVD 03/27/93 Entertainment Center: Sydney, Australia EX-/VG- FLAC/2DVD 03/29/93 Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia G- 2DVD 03/31/93 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia EX-/G+ FLAC/3DVD 04/01/93 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia VG FLAC 04/03/93 National Tennis Centre: Melbourne, Australia VG+ 2DVD 04/04/93 National Tennis Centre: Melbourne, Australia EX 2DVD 04/05/93 Entertainment Centre: Adelaide, Australia VG+/G- FLAC/2DVD 04/07/93 Entertainment Centre: Perth, Australia VG 2DVD 04/08/93 Entertainment Centre: Perth, Australia EX- 2DVD 05/01/93 Palmeiras Stadium: Sao Paulo, Brazil G FLAC 05/02/93 Palmeiras Stadium: Sao Paulo, Brazil G- FLAC 05/04/93 Velodromo: Santiago, Chile EX/EX- FLAC/2DVD 05/08/93 Valez Sarsfield Std: Buenos Aires, Argentina EX/EX FLAC/4DVD 05/19/93 Niedersachsenstadion: Hannover Germany VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 05/20/93 Rheinstadion: Dusseldorf, Germany EX-/VG FLAC/2DVD 05/22/93 Maimarktgelande: Mannheim, Germany EX FLAC 05/23/93 Zeppelinfeld: Nuremburg, Germany EX-/VG- FLAC/2DVD 05/24/93 Boby Stadium: Brno, Czech Republic VG-/VG- FLAC/DVD 05/26/93 Waldbuhne: Berlin, Germany EX- FLAC 05/28/93 Gentofte Stadium: Copenhagen, Denmark EX/G+ FLAC/2DVD 05/30/93 Olympic Stadium: Stockholm, Sweden VG- 2DVD 06/01/93 Aggelby Isbana: Helsinki, Finland VG/G FLAC/2DVD 06/05/93 National Bowl: Milton Keynes, England EX+/EX+ FLAC/2DVD 06/08/93 Slovnaft Stadium: Bratislava, Slovak Republic VG FLAC 06/09/93 MTK Stadium: Budapest, Hungary G FLAC 06/12/93 Feijenoord Stadium: Rotterdam, Holland EX-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 06/13/93 Hippodrome de Vincennes: Paris, France VG+ FLAC 06/16/93 Alvalade Stadium: Lisbon, Portugal VG- FLAC 06/18/93 Stadium Rayo Vallecano: Madrid, Spain VG 2DVD 06/20/93 St. Jakob: Basel, Switzerland EX+/EX+ FLAC/DVD 06/22/93 Della Alpi Stadium: Turin, Italy VG+/VG- FLAC/2DVD 06/25/93 Inonu Stadium: Istanbul, Turkey G- DVD 06/26/93 Praterstadion: Vienna, Austria VG- FLAC 06/27/93 Olympic Stadium: Athens, Greece VG FLAC 06/30/93 Hayarkon Park: Tel Aviv, Israel VG FLAC 07/03/93 Festival: Torhout, Belgium VG+ 2DVD 07/04/93 Festival: Werchter, Belgium EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 05/30/94 Darien Lake: Buffalo, New York EX-/EX- FLAC/3DVD 06/01/94 Garden State Center: Holmdel, NJ VG+ FLAC 06/03/94 Hippodrome: Quebec City, Quebec VG- FLAC 06/04/94 Molson Park: Barrie, Ontario G+ FLAC 06/05/94 State Fairgrounds: Syracuse, NY EX 3DVD 06/07/94 Fairgrounds: Allentown PA VG/EX FLAC/2DVD 06/08/94 Amphiteatre: Jones Beach, NY EX- 3DVD 06/11/94 Great Woods Arena: Mansfield, MA G+ FLAC 06/12/94 Cheshire Fairgrounds: North Swanzey, NH G+/VG+ FLAC/DL-DVD 06/15/94 Williams Grove: Mechanicsburg, PA EX- 2DVD 06/17/94 Orange County Fairgrounds: Middletown, NY VG/EX FLAC/3DVD 06/18/94 Blossom Music Center: Cleveland, OH B FLAC(LOSSY) 06/21/94 Pine Knob: Detroit, MI VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 06/22/94 Pine Knob: Detroit, MI VG+ 2DVD 06/24/94 Free Fair: Ionia, MI VG+ FLAC 06/26/94 River's Edge: Somerset, WI G- FLAC 06/28/94 Riverport Amphitheater: Maryland Heights, MO G- 3DVD 07/01/94 Marcus Amphitheatre: Milwaukee, WI VG/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 07/02/94 Deer Creek Music Center: Indianapolis, IN G+ 2DVD 07/03/94 World Music Theater: Chicago, IL VG/VG- FLAC/2DVD 07/19/94 Memorial Stadium: Seattle, WA G-/G- FLAC/2DVD 07/22/94 Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 07/23/94 Cal Expo Grandstand: Sacramento, CA EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 07/24/94 Blockbuster Pavilion: San Bernadino, CA VG+ FLAC 07/26/94 Velodrome Field: Dominguez Hills, CA EX- FLAC 07/27/94 Desert Sky Pavilion: Phoenix, AZ VG+ FLAC 07/30/94 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl: Las Vegas, NV G+ FLAC 07/31/94 Brown Airport Field: San Diego, CA G+/VG FLAC/2DVD 08/02/94 UNM Stadium: Albuquerque, NM VG FLAC 08/03/94 Fiddlers Green Amphitheater: Denver, CO VG+ FLAC 08/05/94 Starplex Amphitheatre: Dallas, TX VG+/VG- FLAC/DVD 08/06/94 South Park Meadows: Austin, TX EX- 2DVD 08/07/94 Raceway Park: Houston, TX EX- DVD 08/09/94 Fairgrounds Arena: Oklahoma City, OK G+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 08/10/94 Sandstone Amphitheater: Bonner Springs, KS VG-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 08/12/94 Star Amphitheatre: Burgettstown, PA EX- 2DVD 08/13/94 Winston Farm: Saugerities, NY G+/EX FLAC/DVD 08/17/94 Starwood Amphitheater: Nashville, TN VG+ 2DVD 08/19/94 Lakewood Amphitheater: Atlanta GA VG+/EX FLAC/2DL-DVD 08/21/94 Bicentennial Park: Miami, FL EX-/EX CD/3DVD 08/23/95 Astoria 2: London, England EX/EX FLAC/2DVD 08/26/95 Donnington: London, England VG/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 12/14/95 Whisky a Go-Go: Los Angeles, CA VG+ FLAC 06/04/96 Tower Records Parking Lot: San Jose, CA EX DVD 06/04/96 Tower Records Parking Lot: Sacramento, CA EX DVD 06/09/96 Slim's Club: San Francisco, CA EX/EX FLAC/2DVD 06/10/96 Slim's Club: San Francisco, CA VG+/EX FLAC/2DVD 06/23/96 The Phoenix: Toronto, Ontario VG+ FLAC 06/24/96 Louie's Bar: Aberdeen, WA EX+ FLAC 06/28/96 Iowa State Fairgrounds: Des Moines, IA VG/G+ FLAC/DVD 06/30/96 Winnebago County Fairgrounds: Pecatonica, IL EX- DVD 07/02/96 Deer Creek Field: Indianapolis, IN G+/G+ FLAC/DVD 07/05/96 Molson Park: Barrie, Ontario VG FLAC 07/07/96 The Hippodrome: Quebec City, Quebec G+ 2DVD 07/10/96 Randall's Island: New York, NY VG DVD 07/11/96 Randall's Island: New York, NY VG DVD 07/13/96 New York State Fairgrounds: Syracuse, NY EX- FLAC 07/18/96 S. Florida Fairgrounds: West Palm Beach, Fl VG- FLAC 07/21/96 Entertainment Showpark: Newport, TN VG FLAC 07/23/96 Tad Gormley Stadium: New Orleans, LA G+ FLAC 07/27/96 Compton Terrace: Chandler, AZ VG- DVD 07/30/96 The Gorge Amphitheater: George WA VG+ DVD 08/02/96 Spartan Stadium: San Jose, CA VG-/VG FLAC/DVD 08/03/96 Irvine Meadows: Irvine California VG+ DVD 09/06/96 Stadhalle: Vienna Austria VG+ FLAC 09/09/96 Sports Hall: Prague, Czech Republic B DVD 09/10/96 Kroeg Bar: Brunssum, Holland EX DVD 09/11/96 Deutschlandhalle: Berlin, Germany EX/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 09/12/96 Ostseehalle: Kiel, Germany EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 09/14/96 Flanders Expo: Gent, Belgium G+ FLAC/2DVD 09/15/96 Bercy: Paris France VG+ FLAC 09/16/96 Bercy: Paris France EX-/VG FLAC/2DVD 09/22/96 La Peineta Stadium: Madrid Spain VG+ FLAC 09/23/96 Olympic Palau Sant Jordi: Barcelona, Spain G+ FLAC 09/28/96 Forum: Milan, Italy VG+ 2DVD 09/29/96 Palastampa: Turin, Italy VG 2DVD 09/30/96 Palavobis: Milan Italy EX-/VG- FLAC/DVD 10/02/96 Le Dome: Marseille, France VG DVD 10/03/96 Hall Tony Garnier: Lyon, France G+/VG FLAC/2DVD 10/05/96 NEC: Birmingham, England EX FLAC 10/06/96 NEC: Birmingham, England EX/VG FLAC/DVD 10/07/96 Arena: Newcastle, England G- FLAC 10/09/96 The Point: Dublin, Ireland G/VG- FLAC/DVD 10/10/96 Barrowlands: Glasgow, Scotland VG+ FLAC 10/12/96 Earl's Court: London, England VG- 2DVD 10/14/96 Arena: Cardiff, Wales G+ FLAC 10/15/96 NYNEX Arena: Manchester, England VG- FLAC 10/16/96 Arena: Sheffield, England G- FLAC(LOSSY) 10/18/96 Sporthalle: Hamburg, Germany EX-/EX- 2DVD/FLAC 10/19/96 Sporthalle: Hamburg, Germany EX FLAC 10/21/96 Westfalenhalle: Dortmund, Germany EX- FLAC 10/22/96 Deutschlandhalle: Berlin, Germany EX-/VG FLAC/DVD 10/23/96 Messehalle: Leipzig, Germany EX- FLAC 10/25/96 Maimarkthalle: Mannheim Germany VG- FLAC 10/26/96 Olympiahalle: Munich, Germany EX- FLAC 11/04/96 Festhalle: Frankfurt, Germany VG+ FLAC 11/05/96 Weser-Ems-Halle: Oldenburg, Germany VG+ FLAC 11/07/96 Hallenstadion: Zurich, Switzerland VG+/G FLAC/2DVD 11/08/96 Schleyerhalle: Stuttgart, Germany VG+ FLAC 11/09/96 Frankenhalle: Nuremburg, Germany VG+ FLAC 11/11/96 Seidenstickereihalle: Bielefeld, Germany EX FLAC 11/12/96 Prins Van Oranjehal: Utrecht, Holland EX/EX- FLAC 11/13/96 BBC Studios: London, England EX+ DVD 11/15/96 The Globe: Stockholm, Sweden VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/16/96 The Globe: Stockholm, Sweden EX+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/18/96 Jaahalli: Helsinki, Finland VG+ 2DVD 11/19/96 Jaahalli: Helsinki, Finland G+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 11/21/96 Scandinavium: Gothenburg, Sweden VG+ 2DVD 11/23/96 Spektrum: Oslo, Norway EX/EX- FLAC/3DVD 11/27/96 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark EX/EX- FLAC/2DVD 12/19/96 Selland: Fresno California EX- 3DVD 12/21/96 The Forum: Los Angeles, CA EX-/EX- FLAC/3DVD 12/29/96 Arco Arena: Sacramento, CA EX- 3DVD 12/30/96 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA EX- 3DVD 12/31/96 SJ Arena: San Jose, CA EX 3DVD 01/02/97 Delta Center: Salt Lake City UT VG+/EX+ 3DVD/MP4 01/04/97 America West Arena: Phoenix, AZ EX- 2DVD 01/05/97 America West Arena: Phoenix, AZ EX 2DVD 01/11/97 San Diego Sports Arena: San Diego, CA VG FLAC 01/25/97 McNichols Sports Arena: Denver, CO G+ FLAC 01/28/97 Hilton Coliseum: Ames Iowa G- FLAC 01/29/97 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN EX/EX FLAC/3DVD 01/31/97 Kemper Arena: Kansas City, MO B FLAC 02/01/97 The Pyramid: Memphis, TN VG FLAC 02/02/97 Freedom Hall: Louisville, KY VG+ FLAC 02/04/97 Kiel Center: St. Louis, MO EX- 2DVD 02/05/97 Mark of the Quad Cities: Moline IL EX/EX FLAC/2DVD 02/07/97 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL EX- 2DVD 02/08/97 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL VG+/EX FLAC/2DVD 02/09/97 Rosemont Horizon: Chicago, IL EX- 2DVD 02/11/97 Fargo Dome: Fargo, ND VG+/VG- FLAC/2DVD 02/14/97 Bradley Center: Milwaukee, WI VG- DVD 02/16/97 Market Square Arena: Indianapolis, IN VG- 2DVD 02/18/97 Gund Arena: Cleveland, OH VG- FLAC 02/19/97 The Odeon: Cleveland, OH EX- FLAC 02/23/97 Palace of Auburn Hills: Auburn Hills, MI EX- FLAC 02/24/97 Copps Coliseum: Hamilton, Ontario EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 02/26/97 Civic Center Coliseum: Roanoke, VA VG+ 2DVD 02/28/97 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY VG/EX- FLAC/2DVD 03/01/97 Centrum: Worchester, MA EX-/EX DAT2/3DVD 03/02/97 Bryce Jordan Center: University Park, PA VG- FLAC 03/04/97 Fleet Center: Boston, MA EX FLAC 03/05/97 Fleet Center: Boston, MA VG+ 2DVD 03/07/97 Corestates Center: Philadelphia, PA VG+ 2DVD 03/08/97 Corestates Center: Philadelphia, PA EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 03/10/97 Madison Square Gardens: New York, New York EX/VG- 3DVD/FLAC 03/11/97 Madison Square Gardens: New York, New York EX/VG- 3DVD/FLAC 03/25/97 Marine Midland Arena: Buffalo, NY VG/EX- FLAC/2DVD 03/26/97 Pittsburgh Civic Center: Pittsburgh, PA EX/VG- FLAC/2DVD 03/28/97 Molson Center: Montrel, Quebec G/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 03/29/97 Quebec Colisee Arena: Quebec City, Quebec EX 2DVD 04/01/97 Continental Airlines Arena: East Rutherford NJ EX/EX- 2DVD/FLAC 04/02/97 Hampton Coliseum: Hampton, VA VG+ 2DVD 04/04/97 Hartford Civic Center: Harford, CT EX 3DVD 04/05/97 Civic Center: Providence, RI EX 3DVD 04/06/97 Pepsi Arena: Albany, NY EX 2DVD 04/09/97 U.S. Air Arena: Landover, MD VG/EX FLAC/2DVD 04/11/97 Charlotte Coliseum: Charlotte, NC EX- FLAC 04/12/97 Coliseum Complex: Greensboro, NC VG 2DVD 04/14/97 Nashville Arena: Nashville, TN EX-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 04/16/97 Riverfront Coliseum: Cincinnati, OH VG+ FLAC 04/18/97 Tampa Bay Ice Palace: Tampa Bay, FL VG FLAC 04/19/97 Miami Arena: Miami Fl VG- FLAC 04/20/97 Orlando Arena: Orlando, FL VG+ 2DVD 04/26/97 Cajun Dome: Lafayette, LA G+ DVD 04/28/97 The Summit: Houston, TX VG+/EX- FLAC/DL-DVD 04/29/97 Alamo Dome: San Antonio, TX EX- 3DVD 04/30/97 Frank Erwin Center: Austin, TX G-/EX FLAC/2DVD 05/09/97 Tarrant Center: Ft. Worth, TX EX FLAC 05/10/97 Tarrant Center: Ft. Worth, TX EX-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 05/11/97 Myriad Arena: Oklahoma City, OK VG+ FLAC 05/14/97 Lawlor Events Center: Reno, NV EX- 3DVD 05/15/97 Boise State Pavilion: Boise, ID VG+/VG+ FLAC/DVD 05/18/97 Rose Garden: Portland, OR EX- FLAC 05/20/97 Key Arena: Seattle, WA EX- FLAC 05/24/97 GM Palace: Vancouver, British Columbia VG+ 2DVD 05/26/97 Saskatchewan Place: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan VG+ FLAC 05/27/97 Saddle Dome: Calgary, Alberta VG 2DVD 05/28/97 Edmonton Coliseum: Edmonton, Alberta VG+ DVD 08/22/97 Pukkelpop Festival: Kiewit-Hasselt, Belgium EX-/G FLAC/DVD 08/23/97 Camstatter Wasen: Stuttgart, Germany EX+ DL-DVD 08/24/97 Reading Festival: Reading, England EX- DVD 10/18/97 Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View, CA VG-/VG FLAC/DVD 10/19/97 Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View, CA VG+/EX+ FLAC/DVD 11/11/97 Spectrum Parking Lot: Philadelphia, PA VG DVD 11/13/97 Ministry of Sound: London, England EX+ FLAC 11/15/97 The Dock's: Hamburg, Germany VG/EX FLAC/DVD 11/16/97 Bryggeriet: Stockholm, Sweden VG/VG+ FLAC/DVD 11/16/97 The Grey Hall: Copenhagen, Denmark EX-/VG- FLAC/DVD 11/18/97 Elysee Montmatre: Paris, France VG+/G+ FLAC/DVD 12/18/97 KSJO FM Studios: San Jose, CA VG+ FLAC 03/21/98 Baker Hamilton Square: San Francisco, CA EX+ DVD 04/04/98 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia G- FLAC 04/06/98 Melbourne Park: Melbourne, Australia VG+ FLAC 04/07/98 ABC TV Studios: Melbourne, Australia EX TS 04/07/98 Melbourne Park: Melbourne, Australia G FLAC 04/09/98 Adelaide Enter. Centre: Adelaide, Australia VG FLAC 04/24/98 Olympic Gymnasium: Seoul, Korea EX DVD 04/25/98 Olympic Gymnasium: Seoul, Korea EX FLAC 04/29/98 Rainbow Hall: Nagoya, Japan EX- FLAC 04/30/98 Castle Hall: Osaka, Japan EX+ FLAC 05/02/98 Sunplaza Hall: Hiroshima, Japan EX- FLAC 05/03/98 Kokusai Center: Fukuoka, Japan VG+ FLAC 05/06/98 Bodukan: Tokyo, Japan VG FLAC 05/07/98 Bodukan: Tokyo, Japan EX- FLAC 05/08/98 Yoyogi Olympic Hall: Tokyo, Japan EX FLAC 06/24/98 Corel Sky Center: West Palm Beach, FL G-/G- FLAC/DVD 06/26/98 Lakewood Amphitheater: Atlanta, GA VG FLAC 06/28/98 Nissan Pavilion: Bristowe, VA VG DVD 06/30/98 GTE Beach Pavilion: Virginia Beach, VA G FLAC 07/01/98 Merriweather Pavillion: Columbia MD B DVD 07/03/98 Molson Amphitheater: Toronto, Ontario VG+ FLAC 07/05/98 Winnebago Fairgrounds: Pecatonica, IL G- FLAC 07/07/98 Riverbend Music Center: Cincinnati, OH G+ 2DVD 07/08/98 Blossom Music Center: Cuyahoga Falls, OH B FLAC 07/11/98 Pine Knob: Clarkston MI EX- FLAC 07/12/98 Darien Lake: Buffalo, NY EX FLAC 07/15/98 Block-Sony Entertainment Center: Camden, NJ VG- FLAC 07/17/98 Giants Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ EX/EX FLAC/3DVD 07/18/98 Great Woods: Mansfield, MA VG FLAC 07/19/98 Great Woods: Mansfield, MA VG+ 2DVD 07/22/98 Star Lake Amphitheater: Burgettstown, PA EX-/VG FLAC/DVD 07/24/98 Starwood Amphiteater: Antioch, TN VG FLAC 07/25/98 Deer Creek: Noblesville, IN EX- FLAC 07/26/98 Marcus Amphitheatre: Milwaukee, WI VG FLAC 08/28/98 Irvine Meadows Amphitheater: Irvine, CA VG FLAC 08/30/98 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, CA EX+ FLAC 09/03/98 Portland Meadows: Portland, OR VG+ FLAC 09/05/98 The Gorge Amphitheater: Quincy, WA G+/G+ FLAC/2DVD 09/11/98 Desert Sky: Phoenix, AZ EX FLAC 09/12/98 Cashman field: Las Vegas, NV VG+ FLAC 09/13/98 Coors Amp: San Diego, CA VG FLAC 11/17/98 The Wharehouse: Toronto, Ontario VG+ FLAC 11/19/98 Aragon Ballrooom: Chicago, IL EX- FLAC 11/20/98 State Theater: Detriot, MI EX/VG FLAC/DVD 11/23/98 Electric Factory: Philadelphia, PA VG+ 2DVD 11/24/98 Roseland Ballroom: New York, NY EX+ 2DVD 04/11/99 Blaisdell Arena: Honolulu, HI EX FLAC 04/12/99 Blaisdell Arena: Honolulu, HI EX FLAC 04/14/99 Sullivan Arena: Anchorage, AL VG+ FLAC 04/21/99 Berkeley Community Theater: San Francisco, CA VG FLAC 04/22/99 Berkeley Community Theater: San Francisco, CA EX- FLAC 04/30/99 Foro Sol: Mexico City, Mexico VG+ FLAC 05/02/99 Simon Bolivar Park: Bogota, Columbia VG/EX- FLAC(LOSSY)/MP4 05/12/99 Pista Atletica Del Estadio: Santiago Chile EX- 2DVD 05/14/99 River Plate Stadium: Buenos Aires, Argentina EX FLAC 05/21/99 Rock Im Park: Nuremberg, Germany EX+ DVD 05/22/99 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX FLAC 05/23/99 Dynamo Open Air: Eindhoven, Netherlands EX FLAC 05/25/99 Athletic Stadium Slavia: Prague, Czech Rep. VG+ DVD 05/26/99 Waldbuhne: Berlin, Germany VG+ FLAC 05/28/99 Globen: Stockholm, Sweden VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 06/01/99 Gwardia Stadium: Warsaw, Poland G FLAC 06/05/99 Gods of Metal Festival: Milan,Italy VG- DVD 06/09/99 National Stadium: Bucharest, Romania VG+ DVD 06/11/99 Plodiv Stadium: Plovdiv, Bulgaria EX+ 2DVD 06/12/99 Apollo Stadium: Athens Greece VG- FLAC 06/13/99 Ali Sami Yen Stadium: Istanbul, Turkey EX- DVD 06/19/99 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre: Irvine, CA EX DVD 06/25/99 Open Air: St. Gallen, Switzerland EX FLAC 06/26/99 Weserufer: Minden, Germany EX- FLAC 06/27/99 Olympic Stadium: Kiev, Ukraine EX+/G DVD/FLAC 06/29/99 Song Festival Ground: Tallinn, Estonia VG- FLAC 07/01/99 Roskilde Festival: Roskilde, Denmark EX-/G+ FLAC 07/03/99 Werchter Festival: Werchter, Belgium VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 07/05/99 The Point: Dublin, Ireland VG+ FLAC 07/07/99 Omnisports Bercy: Paris, France EX-/EX- FLAC/DL-DVD 07/08/99 Eurockeennes De Belfort: Belfort, France VG- DVD 07/10/99 Milton Keynes Bowl: Milton Keynes, England G+ FLAC 07/12/99 Palau St. Jordi: Barcelona, Spain VG+ FLAC 07/15/99 Festimad: Madrid, Spain EX/VG+ FLAC/DVD 07/16/99 Super Bock Super Rock: Lisbon Portugal EX FLAC 07/20/99 Rishon Le Zion: Tel Aviv, Israel EX FLAC 07/24/99 Woodstock: Rome, New York EX+ DVD 11/19/99 Velodrom: Berlin, Germany EX 2DVD 11/23/99 Madison Square Garden: New York City, NY EX/VG+ FLAC/3DVD 12/28/99 Orange Bowl: Miami, FL G+ DVD 12/29/99 Tropicana Dome: St. Petersburg, FL G- FLAC 12/31/99 Pontiac Silverdome: Detriot, MI VG- FLAC 01/01/00 Gund Arena: Cleveland, OH VG+ FLAC 01/03/00 Bradley Center: Milwaukee, WI EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 01/04/00 Allstate Arena: Chicago, IL VG/EX FLAC 01/05/00 Allstate Arena: Chicago, IL VG FLAC 01/07/00 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN EX 3DVD 01/09/00 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN EX- 2DVD 01/10/00 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN EX FLAC 06/23/00 Memorial Stadium: Seattle, WA EX/EX FLAC/DVD 06/30/00 Foxboro Stadium: Foxboro, MA VG FLAC 07/01/00 Rockingham Speedway: Rockingham, NC VG+ FLAC 07/03/00 Gateway International Speedway: St. Louis, MO G+ DVD 07/04/00 PSINet Stadium: Baltimore, MD VG/EX+ FLAC/3DVD 07/07/00 Georgia Dome: Atlanta, GA VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 07/08/00 Kentucky Speedway: Sparta, KY EX/EX- FLAC/DVD 07/12/00 Mile High Stadium: Denver, CO EX- FLAC 07/14/00 3Com Stadium: San Francisco, CA VG-/G+ FLAC/2DVD 07/15/00 LA Coliseum: Los Angeles CA, EX- FLAC 07/20/00 Giants Stadium: East Rutherford, NY VG+/VG+ FLAC/DVD 07/22/00 Chicago Motor Speedway: Chicago, IL VG-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 08/03/00 Starplex Amphitheatre: Dallas, TX EX+ MP4 08/05/00 Lakewood Amphitheater: Atlanta, GA VG+/EX- FLAC/2DVD 08/06/00 Lakewood Amphitheatre: Atlanta, GA VG+/VG FLAC/2DVD 08/08/00 Rupp Arena: Lexington, KY VG+/VG+ FLAC/DVD 08/09/00 Rupp Arena: Lexington, KY VG+ 3DVD 01/19/03 Oakland Coliseum Parking Lot: Oakland, CA VG FLAC 05/01/03 San Quentin State Prison: San Quentin, CA VG+ FLAC 05/18/03 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 05/19/03 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 05/21/03 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 05/22/03 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 05/31/03 CDUK TV Show: London, England EX/EX FLAC/DVD 06/01/03 Download Festival: Donington, England VG DVD 06/06/03 Rock Im Park: Nuremberg, Germany G/G FLAC/2DVD 06/07/03 Wuhlheide: Berlin, Germany VG/G FLAC/2DVD 06/08/03 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX+/EX+ FLAC/DVD 06/11/03 Le Boule Noire: Paris France VG+ FLAC 06/11/03 Le Bataclan: Paris France EX- FLAC 06/11/03 Le Trabendo: Paris France VG FLAC 06/13/03 Heineken Jammin' Festival: Imola, Italy EX/B FLAC/DVD 06/15/03 Goffertpark Fields: Nijmegen, Netherlands B FLAC (LOSSY) 06/21/03 Doctor Music Festival: Barcelona, Spain EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 06/22/03 La Peineta Stadium: Madrid, Spain VG FLAC 06/26/03 Roskilde Festival: Roskilde, Denmark EX+/G+ FLAC/2DVD 06/28/03 Werchter Festival: Werchter, Belgium VG FLAC 07/04/03 Silverdome: Detriot, MI VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 07/05/03 Skydome: Toronto, ON EX-/EX- FLAC/DVD 07/08/03 Giant's Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ VG+ DVD 07/11/03 Turner Stadium: Atlanta, GA VG+ FLAC 07/12/03 Veteran's Memorial Stadium: Philadelphia, PA G+ FLAC 07/13/03 Citrus Bowl: Orlando, FL VG FLAC 07/18/03 Fed Ex Field: Washington, D.C. VG- FLAC 07/20/03 Parc Jean Drapeau: Montreal, Quebec VG- FLAC 07/26/03 Hawthrone Racetrack: Chicago, IL VG FLAC 07/27/03 Metrodome: Minneapolis, MN VG+ 2DVD 08/01/03 Invesco Field: Denver, CO EX FLAC 08/02/03 Reliant Stadium: Houston, TX EX- FLAC MASTER 08/03/03 Texas Stadium: Dallas, TX VG+ FLAC MASTER 08/06/03 Usana Amphitheater: West Valley City, UT VG- FLAC 08/07/03 Seahawk Stadium: Seattle, WA G FLAC 08/09/03 LA Coliseum: Los Angeles, CA VG/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 08/10/03 3-Com: San Francisco, CA EX- FLAC 08/15/03 Frequency Festival: Salzburg, Austria B FLAC 08/16/03 Rock am See Konstanz, Germany EX- FLAC 08/17/03 Ferropolis: Grafenhainichen, Germany G+/VG- FLAC/2DVD 08/20/03 RDS: Dublin, Ireland VG+ FLAC 08/22/03 Leeds Festival: Leeds, UK VG- FLAC 08/24/03 Reading Festival: Reading, UK VG-/VG FLAC/DVD 11/06/03 Taiikukan: Tokyo, Japan EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 11/07/03 Taiikukan: Tokyo, Japan EX FLAC 11/09/03 Ice Arean: Sapporo, Japan EX- FLAC 11/11/03 Saitama Arena: Tokyo, Japan EX- FLAC 11/13/03 Osaka Castle Hall: Osaka, Japan G+ FLAC 11/14/03 Rainbow Hall: Nagoya, Japan EX- FLAC 12/02/03 Spektrum: Oslo, Norway EX- FLAC 12/03/03 Spektrum: Oslo, Norway G/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 12/05/03 Preussag-Arena: Hannover, Germany EX-/EX FLAC/2DVD 12/06/03 Gelredome: Arnhem, Netherlands VG/G- FLAC/DVD 12/08/03 Hallenstadion: Zurich, Switzerland EX- FLAC 12/09/03 Palais Omnisports: Paris, France VG/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 12/11/03 Palamalaguti: Bologna, Italy EX/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 12/13/03 Messehalle: Erfurt, Germany G- FLAC 12/14/03 Maimarkthalle: Mannheim, Germany G+ FLAC 12/16/03 Cologne Arena: Cologne, Germany EX FLAC 12/17/03 Sportpaleis: Antwerp, Belgium EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 12/19/03 Earl's Court Arena: London, England VG+ FLAC 12/20/03 Earl's Court Arena: London, England VG+ DVD 12/31/03 The Joint: Las Vegas, NV VG- MP3 01/16/04 Ericsson Stadium: Auckland, New Zealand G 2DVD 01/18/04 Parklands: Gold Coast, Australia G+/G+ FLAC/3DVD 01/21/04 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, Australia VG FLAC 01/23/04 Showgrounds: Sydney, Australia G+/EX FLAC/DVD 01/28/04 Myer Music Bowl: Melbourne, Australia G+ DVD 01/30/04 Royal Showground: Adelaide, Australia VG- FLAC 03/02/04 America West Arena: Phoenix, AZ VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD MASTER 03/03/04 TCC: Tucson, AZ EX- FLAC MASTER 03/05/04 The Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA EX- FLAC 03/06/04 The Great Western Forum: Los Angeles, CA VG+ FLAC 03/08/04 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA VG+ FLAC 03/10/04 Arco Arena: Sacramento, CA VG+ FLAC 03/14/04 Save Mart Center: Fresno, CA EX- FLAC/DVD 03/26/04 GM Place: Vancouver, BC VG+ FLAC 04/20/04 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY EX- 2DVD 04/21/04 Nassau Coliseum: Uniondale, NY EX 2DVD 04/23/04 Charlotte Coliseum: Charlotte, NC EX- FLAC 04/29/04 Van Andel Arena: Grand Rapids, MI VG+ FLAC 05/11/04 Kemper Arena: Kansas City, MO EX- 2DVD 05/28/04 Olympic Stadium: Helsinki, Finland G+ FLAC 05/30/04 Ullevi: Gothenburg, Sweden G FLAC 05/31/04 Slaski Stadium: Chorzow, Poland B FLAC 06/04/04 Parquee Bella Vista: Lisbon, Portugal VG+ FLAC/DVD 06/06/04 Download Festival: Donington, England G+ DVD 06/08/04 Sudwestsstadion: Ludwigshafen, Germany G+ FLAC 06/10/04 Arena Auf Schalke: Gelsenkirchen, Germany EX- 2DVD 06/11/04 Aerodome Festival: Wiener Neustadt, Austria G+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 06/13/04 Olympic Stadium: Munich, Germany EX+ MP4 06/15/04 Partizan Stadion: Belgrade, Serbia VG 2DVD 06/16/04 Weserstadion: Bremen, Germany EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 06/18/04 Letzegrund Stadium: Zurich, Switzerland G+ FLAC 06/19/04 La Romareda Stadium: Zaragoza, Spain VG- DVD 06/23/04 Parc des Princes: Paris, France VG+/G FLAC/2DVD 06/25/04 RDS: Dublin, Ireland EX+ CD 06/29/04 Stadio Euganeo: Padova, Italy EX/VG FLAC/2DVD 07/01/04 T-Zone: Prague, Czech Republic G DVD 07/02/04 Werchter Festival: Werchter, Belgium G+/VG+ FLAC/DVD 08/16/04 XCEL Energy Center: St. Paul, MN EX- FLAC 09/22/04 Mellon Arena: Pittsburgh, PA EX- DVD 09/27/04 Resch Center: Green Bay, WI VG+ FLAC 10/01/04 The Palace: Detroit, MI VG DVD 10/04/04 Bell Center: Montreal, Canada EX-/G FLAC/DVD 10/07/04 Corel Center: Ottawa, Ontario VG+ 2DVD 10/10/04 HSBC Center: Buffalo, NY VG- FLAC 10/15/04 Pepsi Colisee: Quebec City, Quebec VG- 2DVD 10/20/04 Wachovia Center: Philadelphia, PA EX- FLAC 10/22/04 Continental Airlines Arena:East Rutherford, NJ EX- 2DVD 10/24/04 Fleet Center: Boston, MA VG- FLAC 10/25/04 Fleet Center: Boston, MA VG- FLAC 11/05/04 St. Pete Times Forum: Tampa, FL B DVD 11/06/04 Office Depot Center: Ft. Lauderdale, FL EX- 2DVD 11/08/04 Veterans Memorial Arena: Jacksonville, FL EX- FLAC 11/28/04 HP Pavilion: San Jose, CA VG/VG FLAC/DVD 11/13/05 SBC Park: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 11/15/05 SBC Park: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC 03/13/06 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel: New York City, NY EX+ DVD 03/18/06 Supersport Park: Centurion, South Africa VG- 2DVD 03/25/06 Green Point Stadium: Cape Town, South Africa B DVD 06/03/06 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX+ FLAC 06/04/06 Rock Im Park: Nurnburg, Germany G/G FLAC/DVD 06/06/06 Waldbuhne: Berlin, Germany VG-/EX+ 2DVD/MP4 06/08/06 Gelredome: Arnhem, Holland G FLAC 06/10/06 Download Festival: Donnington, England G FLAC 06/11/06 Download Festival: Dublin, Ireland VG FLAC 06/13/06 Song Festival Grounds: Tallin, Estonia B DVD 06/15/06 Pannonia Fields II: Nickelsdorf, Austria G-/VG FLAC/2DVD 06/17/06 Autodrome de Imola: Imola G+ FLAC 08/12/06 Summer Sonic Festival: Tokyo, Japan VG+ 2DVD 08/13/06 Summer Sonic Festival: Osaka, Japan EX- FLAC 08/15/06 Seoul Olympic Stadium: Seoul, Korea EX+ DVD 06/28/07 Super Bock Rock Festival: Lisbon, Portugal EX+ DL-DVD 06/29/07 BBK Live Festival: Bilboa, Spain B 2DVD 07/01/07 Werchter Festival: Werchter, Belgium VG+ FLAC 07/03/07 Rockwave Festiva: Athens, Greece VG+ 2DVD 07/05/07 Rotundenplatz: Vienna, Austria B/EX- FLAC/3DVD 07/07/07 Wembley Stadium: London, England EX+ DVD 07/08/07 Wembley Stadium: London, England EX- FLAC 07/10/07 Valle Hovin Stadion: Oslo, Norway VG+/VG+ FLAC/3DVD 07/12/07 Stadion: Stockholm, Sweden VG FLAC 07/13/07 Vesterenq: Aarhus, Denmark G/G- FLAC/DVD 07/15/07 Helsinki Olympic Stadium: Helsinki, Finland VG+/G FLAC/DVD 07/18/07 Luzhniki Olympic Complex: Moscow Russia VG+ 2DVD 10/27/07 Bridge School Benefit: Mountain View, CA B-- FLAC 10/28/07 Bridge School Benefit: Mountain View, CA VG DVD 05/14/08 Wiltern Theatre: Los Angeles, CA VG DVD 05/16/08 Pima County Fairgrounds: Tucson, AZ VG/VG+ MASTER/2DVD 05/17/08 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater: Irvine, CA EX DVD 05/28/08 Silesian Stadium: Chorzow, Poland VG+/VG FLAC/2DVD 05/30/08 Megaland Landgraaf: Landgraaf, The Netherlands EX- DVD 05/31/08 Auditorio John Lennon: Getafe, Spain EX+ BLURAY 06/03/08 Eden Stadion: Prague, Czech Republic VG+ 3DVD 06/05/08 Bela Vista Park: Lisbon, Portugal EX+ DVD 06/07/08 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX+ 2DVD 06/08/08 Zeppelinfeld: Nuremberg, Germany G+ 2DVD 06/13/08 Bonnaroo Festival: Manchester, TN EX DVD 07/16/08 Bergenhus Castle: Bergen, Norway VG+ 2DVD 07/18/08 Sport Complex: St. Petersburg, Russia VG+ 2DVD 07/22/08 Arena Parco Nord: Bologna, Italy VG DVD 07/23/08 Cotroceni Stadium: Bucharest, Romania G- DVD 07/25/08 Vasil Levski Stadium: Sofia, Bulgaria VG DL-DVD 07/27/08 Ali Sami Yen Stadium: Istanbul, Turkey G 2DVD 08/09/08 Pizza Hut Park: Frisco, TX VG+ FLAC 08/14/08 Grand'Place: Arras, France EX- DVD 08/15/08 Domein Kiewit: Hasselt, Belgium VG 3DVD 08/17/08 Degenaupark: Jonschwil, Switzerland VG+ 2DVD 08/20/08 Marlay Park: Dublin, Ireland VG+/B FLAC/2DVD 08/22/08 Bramham Park Leeds: Leeds, England VG+ 2DVD 08/24/08 Little John's Farm: Reading, England VG+/EX FLAC/DVD 09/10/08 Batimetn 103A: La Plaine Saint-Denis, France EX DVD 09/12/08 O2 World: Berlin, Germany EX 2DVD 09/14/08 BBC Radio One Theatre: London, England EX+ FLAC 09/15/08 O2 Arena: London, England EX-/VG- FLAC/2DVD 09/16/08 Jools Holland: London, England EX DVD 10/16/08 Auditoro Telmex: Zapopan, Mexico VG+ MPG 10/21/08 Arena: Glendale, AZ EX/EX MASTER/2DVD 10/26/08 Wells Fargo Arena: Des Moines, IA G- DVD 11/01/08 Rose Quarter: Portland, OR VG- DVD 11/04/08 Pepsi Center: Denver, CO VG DVD 11/08/08 I Wireless Center: Moline, IL EX FLAC 11/09/08 Value City Arena: Columbus, OH VG DVD 11/18/08 BOK Center: Tulsa, OK VG DVD 11/23/08 New Orleans Arena: New Orleans, LA VG+ 2DVD 12/01/08 Key Arena: Seattle, WA VG+ 2DVD 12/13/08 Save Mart Center: Fresno, CA EX 3DVD 12/17/08 The Forum: Inglewood, CA EX 3DVD 12/18/08 The Forum: Inglewood, CA EX 3DVD 01/13/09 Joe Louis Arena: Detroit, MI G- FLAC 01/17/09 Wachovia Center: Philadelphia, PA EX 2DVD 01/18/09 TD Banknorth Garden: Boston, MA EX-/VG FLAC/2DVD 01/27/09 Allstate Arena: Rosemont, IL VG 2DVD 01/29/09 Nassau Veterans Coliseum: Uniondale, NY EX 2DVD 01/31/09 Prudential Center: Newark, NJ G- 2DVD 02/01/09 Prudential Center: Newark, NJ EX 2DVD 02/25/09 Trent FM Arena: Nottingham, England VG- DVD 02/26/09 MEN Arena: Manchester, England EX- 3DVD 02/28/09 Sheffield Arena: Sheffield, England VG+ 2DVD 03/02/09 O2 Arena: London, England EX- FLAC 03/03/09 Metro Radio Arena: Newcastle, England G 3DVD 03/05/09 Sportpaleis: Antwerp, Belgium VG- FLAC 03/07/09 Globen: Stockholm, Sweden VG+ 2DVD 03/25/09 LG NEC Arena: Birmingham, England VG+ 2DVD 03/26/09 SECC Arena: Glasgow, Scotland G- DVD 03/28/09 O2 Arena: London, England EX- 2DVD 03/30/09 Ahoy: Rotterdam, Netherlands VG+ FLAC 04/01/09 Palais Omnisport: Paris France EX 3DVD 04/02/09 Palais Omnisport: Paris France EX- 2DVD 04/04/09 Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame: Cleveland, OH EX 2DVD 05/04/09 Stockholm Globe Arena: Stockholm, Sweden EX- 2DVD 05/06/09 Olympiahalle: Munich, Germany EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 05/07/09 Arena Leipzig: Leipzig, Germany G+ FLAC 05/09/09 Hanns-Martin-Schleyerhalle: Stuttgart, Germany EX- 2DVD 05/11/09 Festhalle: Franfurt, Germany EX-/EX- FLAC/2DVD 05/12/09 Color Line Arena: Hamburg, Germany G FLAC 05/14/09 Wiener Stadthalle: Vienna, Austria EX- 3DVD 05/16/09 König Pilsener Arena: Oberhausen, Germany EX- 2DVD 05/17/09 LANXESS Arena: Cologne, Germany EX- 2DVD 06/04/09 Foro Sol: Mexico City, Mexico VG 2DVD 06/06/09 Foro Sol: Mexico City, Mexico VG 2DVD 06/07/09 Foro Sol: Mexico City, Mexico VG 2DVD 06/14/09 Hartwall: Helsinki, Finland VG+ DVD 06/15/09 Hartwall: Helsinki, Finland VG+ 2DVD 06/17/09 Oslo Spektrum: Oslo, Norway EX- 2DVD 06/19/09 Pannonia Fields: Nickelsdorf, Austria VG- DVD 06/20/09 Goffertpark: Nijmegen, The Netherlands B DVD 06/22/09 Datch Forum Di Assago: Assago, Italy EX- 3DVD 06/24/09 PalaLottomatica: Rome, Italy VG+ 2DVD 07/04/09 Hockenheimring: Hockenheim, Germany VG+/G- FLAC/2DVD 07/05/09 Festival Grounds: Werchter, Belgium VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 07/07/09 Arenes De Nimes: Nimes, France VG+/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 07/11/09 Parc del Forum: Barcelona, Spain G+ 2DVD 07/13/09 Palacio De Deportes: Madrid, Spain VG 2DVD 07/14/09 Palacio De Deportes: Madrid, Spain G+ DVD 07/16/09 Hallenstadion: Zurich, Switzerland EX- DVD 07/18/09 Folkets Park: Hultsfred, Sweden VG DVD 07/20/09 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark G DVD 07/22/09 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark EX+ BLURAY 07/23/09 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark EX- 3DVD 07/25/09 Kirjurinluoto: Kirjurinluoto, Finland G DVD 07/27/09 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark G DVD 07/28/09 Forum: Copenhagen, Denmark VG+ 2DVD 07/30/09 Oslo Spektrum: Oslo, Norway G+ DVD 08/01/09 Marlay Park: Dublin, Ireland G DVD 08/02/09 Knebworth House: Knebworth, England VG- DVD 09/11/09 Veterans Memorial Aud. San Rafael, CA VG+ DVD 09/17/09 Conseco Fieldhouse: Indianapolis, IN VG DVD 09/20/09 Bell Centre: Montreal, Quebec VG+ 2DVD 09/28/09 AT&T Center: San Antonio, TX VG- DVD 10/01/09 Bank Atlatic Center: Sunrise, FL G+ DVD 10/03/09 St. Pete Times Forum: Tampa, FL EX-/VG+ FLAC/DVD 10/12/09 MTS Centre: Winnipeg, Manitoba VG+ DVD 10/13/09 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN VG+ FLAC 10/17/09 JPJ Arena: Charlottesville, VA EX- FLAC 10/18/09 Time Warner Cable Arena: Charlotte, NC VG+ FLAC 10/26/09 Air Canada Center: Toronto, ON G+ FLAC 10/27/09 Air Canada Center: Toronto, ON VG+/VG+ FLAC/DL-DVD 10/30/09 MSG: New York City, New York VG+/VG FLAC/DVD 10/31/09 Colisee Pepsi: Quebec City, Quebec VG- 1DVD 11/01/09 Colisee Pepsi: Quebec City, Quebec VG+ 2DVD 11/03/09 Scotiabank Place: Ottawa, Ontario VG 2DVD 11/12/09 NY Times Union Center: Albany, NY EX-/G- FLAC/2DVD 11/14/09 Madison Square Garden: New York, NY EX- 2DVD 11/15/09 Madison Square Garden: New York, NY EX- 2DVD 12/12/09 HP Pavilion: San Jose, CA EX 3DVD 01/19/10 Estadio San Marcos: Lima, Peru VG+ 2DVD 01/21/10 Estadio Monumental: Buenos Aires, Argentina G 2DVD 01/22/10 Estadio Monumental: Buenos Aires, Argentina VG+ 2DVD 01/24/10 Orfeo Superdomo: Cordoba, Argentina VG+ 2DVD 01/26/10 Club Hipico: Santiago, Chile VG- 2DVD 01/28/10 Parque Condor: Porto Alegre: Brazil B 2DVD 01/30/10 Estadio Cicero Pompeu: Sao Paulo, Brazil VG- DVD 01/31/10 Estadio Cicero Pompeu: Sao Paulo, Brazil G- DVD 03/01/10 Estadio Tres de Marzo: Zapopan, Mexico VG 2DVD 03/03/10 Estadio Universitario: Monterrey, Mexico VG 2DVD 03/05/10 Estadio Mateo Flores: Guatemala City Guatemala G- DL-DVD 03/07/10 Rica Estadio: San Jose, Costa Rica G- DVD 03/08/10 Figali Convention Center: Panama City, Panama G- DVD 03/10/10 Parque Metropolitano: Bogota, Columbia B DVD 03/14/10 Coliseo: San Juan, Puerto Rico EX- 2DVD 04/13/10 Telenor Arena: Baerum, Norway VG+ 2DVD 04/14/10 Telenor Arena: Baerum, Norway VG+ 2DVD 04/17/10 Arena Riga: Riga, Latvia VG- DVD 04/21/10 Siemens Arena: Vilnius, Lithuania EX- FLAC 04/24/10 Olimpiyskiy: Moscow, Russia VG- 2DVD 04/25/10 Olimpiyskiy: Moscow, Russia VG+ 2DVD 05/11/10 Odyssey: Belfast, Ireland VG 3DVD 05/12/10 Odyssey: Belfast, Ireland EX- 2DVD 05/14/10 Puskas Ferenc Stadion: Budapest, Hungary VG DVD 05/16/10 Hipodrom Zagreb: Zagreb, Croatia B DVD 05/18/10 Pavilhao Atlantico: Lisbon, Portugal EX- 2DVD 05/19/10 Pavilhao Atlantico: Lisbon, Portugal EX- 2DVD 05/22/10 Ramat Gan Stadium: Ramat Gan, Israel EX 2DVD 05/23/10 Halle Tony Garnier: Lyon, France VG 2DVD 06/14/10 City of Rock: Arganda del Ray, Spain EX DVD 06/18/10 Degenaupark: Jonschwil, Switzerland G+ DVD 06/19/10 Milovice Airport: Milovice, Czech Republic VG+/VG+ FLAC/DL-DVD 06/22/10 Vasil Levski National Stadium: Sofia, Bulgaria EX+ 2DVD 06/24/10 Terra Vibe Park: Athens, Greece VG- 3DVD 06/26/10 Romexpo: Bucharest, Romania VG- DL-DVD 06/27/10 Besiktas Inonu Stadium: Istanbul, Turkey VG- 2DVD 09/15/10 Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia VG- 3DVD 09/16/10 Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia EX- 3DVD 09/18/10 Acer Arena: Sydney, Australia VG 3DVD 09/21/10 Camterbury Arena: Christchurch, New Zealand EX- 3DVD 09/22/10 Camterbury Arena: Christchurch, New Zealand EX- 3DVD 09/25/10 Saitama Super Arena: Tokyo, Japan VG 2DVD 09/26/10 Saitama Super Arena: Tokyo, Japan EX-/VG+ FLAC/2DVD 10/13/10 Vector Arena: Auckland, New Zealand EX- 3DVD 10/14/10 Vector Arena: Auckland, New Zealand VG 3DVD 10/16/10 Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia EX-/EX- FLAC/3DVD 10/18/10 Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia VG/EX FLAC/BLURAY 10/19/10 Entertainment Centre: Brisbane, Australia EX- 2DVD 10/22/10 Burswood Dome: Perth, Australia G- 3DVD 10/23/10 Burswood Dome: Perth, Australia EX 2DVD 11/10/10 Acer Arena: Sydney, Australia VG 3DVD 11/11/10 Acer Arena: Sydney, Australia VG+ 3DVD 11/13/10 Acer Arena: Sydney, Australia VG 3DVD 11/15/10 Entertainment Centre: Adelaide, Australia EX- 2DVD 11/16/10 Entertainment Centre: Adelaide, Australia EX- 3DVD 11/21/10 Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, Australia VG- 2DVD 04/23/11 Empire Polo Club: Indio, California G+ 2DVD 07/02/11 Veltins-Arena: Gelsenkirchen, Germany EX- DL-DVD 07/03/11 Ullevi: Gothenburg, Sweden EX+ 2DVD 07/06/11 Arena Fiera Milano: Rho, Italy VG- 3DVD 07/08/11 Knebworth House: Knebworth, England VG+ 2DVD 07/09/11 Snowhall Esplanade: Amneville, France VG DVD-DL 07/14/11 Garrison Grounds: Halifax, Nova Scotia VG- DVD 07/16/11 Plains of Abraham: Quebec City, Quebec VG+ 2DVD 08/31/11 Moscone Center: San Francisco, CA VG DVD 09/14/11 Yankee Stadium: New York City, NY EX-/EX+ 2DVD/MP4 09/25/11 Rock in Rio Festival: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil EX- DVD 10/25/11 Yas Arena: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates G- DVD 10/30/11 Palace Grounds: Bangalore, India VG+ DVD 11/08/11 BBC Television Centre: London England EX+ AVI 11/11/11 Fin Abend Mit: Cologne, Germany EX+ DVD 12/05/11 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX DVD 12/07/11 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX FLAC/DVD 12/09/11 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX DVD 12/10/11 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX DVD 12/XX/11 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX 2DVD 05/07/12 Synot Tip Arena: Prague, Czech Republic VG+ 2DVD 05/08/12 Usce Park: Belgrade, Serbia VG 2DVD 05/10/12 Bemowo Airport: Warsaw, Poland VG+ 3DVD 05/12/12 Stade De France: Paris, France VG+ 2DVD 05/13/12 Stadio Friuli: Udine, Italy VG FLAC 05/23/12 Valle Hovin: Oslo, Norway VG+ DVD 05/25/12 Parque da Bela Vista: Lisbon, Portugal EX+ 2DVD 05/26/12 Getafe Open Air: Getafe, Spain G- DVD 05/28/12 Festival Park: Werchter, Belgium B 2DVD 05/30/12 LesRivesDuLac: Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland VG DVD 06/01/12 ZeppelinFeld: Nuremburg, Germany EX+ DVD 06/02/12 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX+ 2DVD 06/04/12 Kalasatama: Helsinki, Finland G- DVD 06/06/12 Faengslet: Horsens, Denmark VG- DVD-DL 06/09/12 Donington Park: Donington, England EX- FLAC 06/10/12 Pannonia Fields: Nickelsdorf, Austria EX- 3DVD 06/22/12 Bader Fields: Atlantic City, New Jersey EX+ FLAC 06/23/12 Bader Fields: Atlantic City, New Jersey EX+ DVD-DL 06/24/12 Bader Fields: Atlantic City, New Jersey EX+ 3DVD 07/28/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico B 2DVD 07/30/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico B DVD-DL 08/01/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico G+ 2DVD 08/02/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico G+ DVD-DL 08/04/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico VG- 2DVD 08/06/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico G+ DVD 08/07/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico VG DVD 08/09/12 Palacio de los Deportes: Mexico City, Mexico G+ DVD 08/11/12 Golden Gate Park: San Francisco, CA VG DVD 08/17/12 Rexall Place: Edmonton, Alberta VG DVD 08/24/12 Rogers Arena: Vancouver, British Columbia VG DVD 08/25/12 Rogers Arena: Vancouver, British Columbia VG+ FLAC 10/27/12 City Park: New Orleans, LA EX- 2DVD 02/23/13 RNA Showgrounds: Brisbane, Australia VG/VG FLAC/2DVD 02/24/13 Sydney Showground: Sydney, Australia EX- FLAC 03/01/13 Flemington Racecourse: Melbourne, Australia EX-/EX+ FLAC/MP4 03/02/13 Bonython Park: Adelaide, Australia G+ 2DVD 03/04/13 Claremont Showgrounds: Perth, Australia B DVD 04/27/13 FNB Stadium: Johannesburg, South Africa VG DVD 05/02/13 Club Nokia: Los Angeles, CA EX+ DVD 06/08/13 Belle Isle: Detroit, MI EX+ DVD 07/06/13 Roskilde Festival: Roskilde, Denmark EX- DL-DVD 08/10/13 QVC Marine Field: Tokyo, Japan EX-/EX- FLAC/DVD 08/11/13 Maishima Sports Island: Osaka, Japan EX- FLAC 08/18/13 Olympic Park: Seoul, South Korea G- DVD 08/21/13 Stadium Merdeka: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia B 2DVD 09/19/13 Nova Cidade Do Rock: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil EX+ 2DVD 12/08/13 Carlini Station: Antarctica EX+ DVD 03/16/14 Parque Simon Bolivar: Bogota, Colombia VG- 2DVD 03/20/14 Estadio Nacional: Lima, Peru G+/EX DVD/MP4 03/22/14 Estadio od Morumbi: Sao Paulo, Brazil G- 2DVD 03/27/14 Estadio Monumental: Santiago, Chile VG 3DVD 03/29/14 Estadio Ciudad Plata: Buenos Aires, Argentina VG+ DL-DVD 03/30/14 Estadio Ciudad Plata: Buenos Aires, Argentina EX- DL-DVD 05/15/14 The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA EX- FLAC 06/08/14 Nurburgring: Nurburg, Germany EX+ 2DVD/MPEG 06/09/14 Megaland Landgraaf: Landgraaf, The Netherlands EX+ DVD 06/28/14 Worthy Farms: Pilton, England EX+ 2DVD 07/01/14 Ippodromo delle Capannelle: Rome, Italy EX- 2DVD 07/03/14 Festival Park: Werchter, Belgium VG+ DL-DVD 07/04/14 St. Jakob-Park: Basel, Switzerland EX- DVD 07/06/14 Knebworth House: Knebworth, England EX+ DVD 07/08/14 Výstavište Exhibition: Prague, Czech Republic VG+ DVD 07/09/14 Krieau: Vienna, Austria VG+ DVD 07/13/14 ITU Stadium: Istanbul, Turkey VG DL-DVD 11/07/14 CBS Television City: Los Angeles, CA EX+ TS 11/08/14 Anaheim Convention Center: Anaheim, CA EX+ DVD 11/11/14 National Mall: Washington D.C. EX+ DVD 05/09/15 City of Rock: Las Vegas, NV EX+ 2DVD 05/31/15 Olympiastadion: Munich, Germany G+ 3DVD 06/06/15 Circuit of the Americas: Austin, TX EX+ MKV 08/01/15 Grant Park: Chicago, IL EX+ DL-DVD 08/25/15 S and C Center: St. Petersburg, Russia VG+/VG+ BLURAY/FLAC 08/27/15 Olimpiyskiy: Moscow, Russia EX- FLAC 08/29/15 Little John's Farm: Reading, England EX+ DL-DVD 09/14/15 Colisee Pepsi: Quebec City, Quebec EX- FLAC 09/19/15 Nova Cidade do Rock: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil EX+ TS 02/06/16 AT&T Park: San Francisco, CA EX+ 2DVD 04/16/16 Rasputin Music: Berkeley, CA EX+ DVD 08/20/16 US Bank Stadium: Minneapolis, MN EX FLAC 09/24/16 Central Park: New York City, NY EX+ MKV 10/22/16 Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View CA EX FLAC 10/23/16 Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View CA EX/EX- FLAC/DVD 11/14/16 Berliner Union Film: Berlin, Germany EX+ TS 11/15/16 Studios Rive Gauche: Paris, France EX+ TS 11/17/16 Maida Vale Studios: London, England EX+ MKV 11/18/16 House of Vans: London, England EX+ 2DVD 02/03/17 Royal Arena: Copenhagen, Denmark EX/EX 2DVD/FLAC 02/12/17 Staples Center: Los Angeles, CA EX+ MP4 03/03/17 Foro Sol: Mexico City, Mexico EX+ MP4 03/25/17 Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace: Sao Paulo, Brazil EX+ TS 03/31/17 Hipodromo de San Isidro: San Isidro, Argentina EX+ 2DVD 04/01/17 Parque O'Higgins: Santiago, Chile EX+ BLURAY 05/09/17 M&T Bank Stadium: Baltimore, MD EX DVD 05/14/17 MetLife Stadium: East Rutherford, NJ G- FLAC 05/19/17 Gillette Stadium: Foxboro, MA G+ FLAC 05/21/17 Mapfre Stadium: Columbus, OH EX+ TS 06/04/17 Busch Stadium: St. Louis, MO VG FLAC 06/09/17 Iowa Speedway: Newton, IA VG-/VG- FLAC/3DVD 07/09/17 SunTrust Park: Atlanta, GA EX- FLAC 07/16/17 Rogers Centre: Toronto, Ontario VG BLURAY 07/29/17 Rose Bowl: Pasadena, CA VG+ BLURAY 08/09/17 Century Link Field: Seattle, WA EX- DL-DVD 08/12/17 AT&T Park: San Francisco, CA EX+ TS 08/16/17 Commonwealth Stadium: Edmonton, Alberta EX+ TS 09/04/17 Ziggo Dome: Amsterdam, Netherlands EX-/EX FLAC/DL-DVD 09/06/17 Ziggo Dome: Amsterdam, Netherlands EX- FLAC 09/08/17 AccorHotels Arena: Paris, France EX BLURAY 09/10/17 AccorHotels Arena: Paris, France EX- BLURAY 10/22/17 O2 Arena: London, England EX- DL-DVD 11/03/17 Sportpaleis: Antwerp, Belgium EX DL-DVD 11/09/17 AT&T Park: San Francisco, CA EX+ TS 02/03/18 WiZink Center: Madrid, Spain EX- DVD 02/07/18 Palau Sant Jordi: Barcelona, Spain EX- FLAC 02/10/18 Pala Alpitour: Turin, Italy VG DVD 02/12/18 Uinpol Arena: Bologna, Italy G- DVD 02/14/18 Uinpol Arena: Bologna, Italy EX DL-DVD 04/05/18 Papp Laszlo Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary EX- DVD 04/07/18 HannsMartin-Schleyer-Halle: Stuttgart, Germany EX DL-DVD 04/09/18 HannsMartin-Schleyer-Halle: Stuttgart, Germany EX DL-DVD 10/06/18 Zilker Park: Austin, TX EX+ MKV 11/03/18 The Masonic: San Francisco, CA EX- DL-DVD 03/11/19 Bankers Life Fieldhouse: Indianapolis, IN EX- FLAC 05/01/19 Estádio do Restelo: Lisbon, Portugal EX- FLAC 06/08/19 Slane Castle: Slane, Ireland EX+ BLURAY 06/11/19 Johan Cruijff Arena: Amsterdam, Netherlands VG+ FLAC 06/18/19 Etihad Stadium: Manchester, England EX+ MP4 07/06/19 Olympiastadion: Berlin, Germany EX+ MKV 07/09/19 Ullevi: Gothenburg, Sweden EX+ MKV 07/11/19 Telia Parken: Copenhagen, Denmark EX+ MKV 07/13/19 GranÃ¥sen: Trondheim, Norway EX+ MKV 07/16/19 Kantolan Tapahtumapuisto: Hämeenlinna, Finland EX+ MKV 07/18/19 Raddi Airfield: Tartu, Estonia EX+ MKV 07/21/19 Luzhniki Stadium: Moscow, Russia EX+ MKV 08/14/19 National Arena: Bucharest, Romania EX+ MKV 08/16/19 Ernst Happel Stadion: Vienna, Austria EX+ MKV 08/18/19 Letište Praha Letnany: Prague, Czech Republic EX+ MKV 08/21/19 PGE Narodowy: Warsaw, Poland EX+ MKV 08/23/19 Olympiastadion: Munich, Germany EX+ MKV 08/25/19 Maimarktgelände: Mannheim, Germany EX+ MKV 09/08/19 Chase Center: San Francisco, CA G FLAC 08/10/20 Gundlach-Bundschu Winery: Sonoma, CA VG+ DL-DVD 08/12/20 Metallica HQ: San Rafael, CA EX+ DVD 11/14/20 Metallica HQ: San Rafael, CA EX+ MKV


03/??/82 Ron McGovney's Garage Rehersal EX CD 03/??/82 Killing Time/Let it Loose demos EX 10 mins off of vinyl 04/??/82 Power Metal Demos off of cd EX 15 mins CD 07/06/82 No Life Til Leather demos EX 30 mins CD correct speed 03/16/83 Whiplash/No Remorse Demos VG 10 mins CD 09/??/83 Demos for Ride the Lightning VG 20 mins CD 07/??/85 Demos for Master of Puppets VG 25 mins 07/??/85 MOP rehearsal, diff. lyrics for WH(S) VG 25 mins CD 01/??/88 Demos for AJFA VG 65 mins ??/??/90 Studio Outtakes from A YEAR AND A HALF VG 2DVD 07/17/92 Outtakes from Year and a Half vids. VG DVD

Interviews/TV Specials

??/??/8? VIDEO Agents of Misfortune B 15 mins Early Cliff and Martin 03/21/83 Dave, James, and Lars by Ron Quintana 04/23/83 Interview with James and Lars 45 mins 12/18/83 WCSB Cleveland w/ Cliff. He's very stoned 7 mins ??/??/84 Phone int. Dave Mustaine. Rips on Metallica 10 mins 04/??/84 Interview with Lars and a guy from Exciter 10 mins 02/11/84 James backstage at Aardshock 10 mins 12/01/84 Mainz, Germany-Interview with James backstage 30 mins 01/12/85 Philadelphia, PA James and Lars on the radio 02/07/85 Cleveland, OH-WUSC Cliff and Kirk 03/02/85 Lars at El Paso Pancake House 30 mins 07/24/86 Lars on Cincinnati, OH radio FM 15 MIN 08/17/85 Kirk and James 8 mins backstage 09/14/85 Kirk backstage at Metal Hammer 15 mins 10/??/85 Cliff and Lars talk about Master of Puppets 40 mins 06/05/86 Lars on WERS 20 mins 09/12/86 James talks about upcoming plans for Metallica 10 mins 09/21/86 Cliff talks about Metallica's new popularity, lyrics, etc. 11/11/86 Chicago, IL WVVX Interview with Lars 15 mins 11/24/86 South Orange, NJ-WSOU Interview with Jason 25 mins 12/08/86 Interview with James in Toronto 30 mins 12/19/86 Jason talks about Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, PMRC, new record 20 mins 02/08/87 Kirk and Jason backstage at Aardshock 15 mins 06/11/88 Lars backstage at Philly MOR show 5 mins 07/24/88 James and Lars backstage at L.A. MOR 5 mins 08/18/88 Lars on England-BBC Friday Rock Show Interview 25 mins EX ??/??/89 VIDEO Spastic Children James/Kirk/Jason B 20 mins ??/??/89 VIDEO Justice on Wheels, a Canadian TV documentory EX- 100 2nd gen 10/??/89 VIDEO Brazilian press conference EX- ??/??/90 James talks about technique and equipment 35 mins 08/17/91 James and Lars talk backstage at Donnington 20 mins 09/18/91 VIDEO Dortmand Germany Hotel footage VG 20 mins 10/18/91 James Michigan WKQZ Interview FM 20 mins 12/21/91 I4NI - James jams with the band I4NI audio 07/13/92 Interview with Lars and Slash, talks about Guns/Met tour 09/23/92 Lars on San Francisco, CA-KRQR EX 30 mins 11/??/92 Interview with Lars in Europe, does a retrospect 50 mins 01/21/93 VIDEO Metallistore footage VG 15 mins 06/05/93 VIDEO Milton Kenyes TV special behind the scenes VG 30 mins 07/27-29/94 Interview with Ron McGovney on KNAC - 90 mins 07/15/94 VIDEO Jason joins Pantera on stage G+ 15 mins 07/30/94 Interview with KJ Doughton on KNAC - 15 mins 02/15/95 Interview KNAC's last day James and Lars 70 mins 06/??/96 VIDEO James and Kirk on Space Ghost 06/??/96 James and Jason in Australia answer questions 06/27/96 VIDEO MTV interviews at first day of Lollapalooza 20 mins 08/20/96 VIDEO Lars on Howard Stern 08/20/96 Lars on Howard complete audio 02/07/97 VIDEO Chicago King Nothing - MTV unused footage backstage crap 02/22/97 Interview - Ted Nugent interviews James 45 mins. 03/05/97 Interview James on WAAF Boston 03/28/97 VIDEO Montreal King Nothing - MTV unused footage backstage crap 04/??/98 Lars calls into Howard Stern to announce Giants stadium 10 mins 06/??/98 VIDEO MTV interviews broadcasted in Latin America 45 mins 10/22/98 Lars calls in to Detriot radio station 10 mins. 11/??/98 The band talks about Garage Inc recordings 15 mins 11/18/98 VIDEO Metallica visits MTV and gives away Kirk's appendix 30 mins. 11/22/98 VIDEO VH1 Behind the Music - Metallica special 60 mins. 02/01/99 Lars on Rockline 70 mins VG+ 05/21/99 Lars on Netherland radio discussing Symphony/Garage Ince 5 mins 1st gen.