> Highway Star jam
The Four Horsemen
Of Wolf and Man
-Happy Birthday Kirk
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Memory Remains
King Nothing
Am I Evil? w/ Black Magic jam
Stone Cold Crazy
> The Frayed Ends of Sanity teaser
Master of Puppets
Damage, Inc.
> Let There Be Rock jam
-Happy Birthday Kirk (again)

AUDIO QUALITY: Another nice recording. The sound is a bit more distant than the 11/16 show from the
same taper. The crowd is a little more present in the mix, and VERY enthusiastic. The recording
does a good job of capturing the small club vibe. It just seems like people were packed together.
I rate this one a little lower only because it's a little further away and the crowd singing
along. I'm being picky here as I know that these things are out of your control as a taper. Sometimes,
you just have to stand where the crowd moves you. I also have this on video, but it's pretty
crappy, so this source is a nice upgrade.

SOURCE: AIWA CM-30A > Sony D6 Analog Walkman (1st gen)
TIME: 65 minutes

DVD QUALITY: very shaky and very obstructed. Not something you'd really enjoy sitting through
to be honest. I was able to get one decent screen shot. 

SOURCE: RZK / Audio Upgrade
TIME: 70 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, since it's Kirk's birthday 11/18. James also says "Thanks Paris"

FLAWS: Drop due to tape flip right before King Nothing and Evil. The only thing impacted is Kirk holding
the last note of King Nothing.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Good performance from the band. They really seem to enjoy these promo club shows. 
Interesting show as it's Kirk's birthday. The crowd does a nice rendition of Happy Birthday to Kirk. 
They again do the Slayer jam right before the first Am I Evil guitar solo. Jason provides some vocals.
They also do the Frayed Ends of Sanity tease after they come back for the encore. The crowd does it's
part with the OH-WE-OH chanting. Damage Inc. is crushing...very nice! No opening band as this was
a promo club show.