For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The Four Horsemen
Harvester of Sorrow
Eye of the Beholder
Jason's solo
> To Live Is to Die
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destory
...And Justice for All
> Bern Crowd Improv chant
Creeping Death
Fade to Black 
Kirk's solo
> Little Wing jam
> Prowler > Run to the Hills > Helpless Jam
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

QUALITY: This show has circulated widely as a incomplete show. This is probably
the most complete you will find, though there are cuts. Sound quality is
kind of rough, there isn't a lot of crowd noise but recording is quite muffled.
Not sure if the taper had the mics covered or what, but everything sounds muffled
and somewhat distant. There are certainly better shows to pick from if you are
looking for a '88 European tour show.

SOURCE: Unknown analog

TIME: 120 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: YEs, James says Birmingham a few times.

FLAWS: There are a few minor cuts mostly due to tape flips, the biggest
one coming at the end of Fade and into Kirk's solo. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Good show from what you can tell from the recording. Not a lot
of crowd banter here, just heads down play the song. Thank you...good night. Nothing
really stand out on this show. These early shows followed a pretty standard formula
down to the Prowler,Hills,Helpless Jam right before Caress.