Blackened Creeping Death When a Blind Man Cries The Unforgiven Now That We're Dead Turn the Page Nothing Else Matters All Within My Hands


Disposable Heroes The House of the Rising Sun Wasting My Hate For Whom the Bell Tolls Master of Puppets Enter Sandman VIDEO QUALITY: Excellent webcast LINEAGE: > Webcast > MKV CORRECT SHOW: Yes. very obvious that this is the correct show. FLAWS: None. BAND PERFORMANCE: Metallica the band that never quits manages to squeeze another show into 2020. Cool idea with having the band surrounded by Zoom screens of fans. The interacting with fans was a bit off as it looks like there may have been a delay. Great set of with some surprises. Dead sounds great acoustically, Creeping Death acoustic for the first time. Comes off really well I think. Disposable Heroes is the electric version of the acoustic rework. Still prefer the original, but like this version as well. The cover of the Animals House of the Rising Sun is the highlight for me. I would've never guessed Metallica would cover this song - and now that I've heard it - it just seems perfect. Overall great show, and all for chairty.