Until It Sleeps
Sad but True
Fade to Black

DVD QUALITY: Professionaly shot, not sure why, and not sure if there is
more of this concert.  As of now, this is all we have. That being
said, this version has some generation to it.  I believe there is a lower
gen source floating around that you may want to seek out. 

VERSION: Unknown

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, video flashes text that reads Irvine CA Lollapalooza tour. Also, the songs
differ in subtle ways from the 8/3 performance. 

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Well, this is all there is for the last show of the Lollapollza tour. Usually
the nights in LA are well taped and circulated, surprised this one has not been released fully.
From what I can tell from this short segment, the band was in fine form this night.