The Memory Remains
Ride the Lightning
The God That Failed
The Unforgiven
Here Comes Revenge
Moth Into Flame
Sad but True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Kirk and Rob's jam
> Ma Gueule (Johnny Hallyday) > ManUNKind > Orion jam
Master of Puppets
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Creeping Death
Seek and Destroy
Spit Out the Bone
Nothing Else Matters 
Enter Sandman 
> The Frayed Ends of Sanity outro

VIDEO QUALITY: A multi cam mix, with a lot of different angles and shots.  I assume
most of the sources are cell phone videos since a lot come from the snake pit.  Enjoyable
to watch in the end, a whole lot of people at this show. 

AUTHORED: CED @ TadigMetal
SOURCE: Multi Sources > DL-DVD

CORRECT SHOW: Paris is said a lot. 

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Good show, not much to add, as I've done a bunch of reviews
for shows from this tour, and they are all pretty similiar, with some minor
set changes thrown in.