That Was Just Your Life
For Whom the Bell Tolls (ending cut)
One (ending cut)
Sad but True
Kirk's solo #1 > Sails of Charon
The Day That Never Comes 
Master of Puppets (cuts in middle)
Damage, Inc.
Enter Sandman
Seek and Destroy
> Wasting My Hate jam
VIDEO QUALITY: Shot from right of center of the stage, probably
about mid-way up from the first leve.l. Not a lot of
close-ups, most of the footage is shot from the distance
of the screen shot below. Not sure why it's all cut up and incomplete.

Version: JF/Sailing home
Filming type: Audience
Taper(s): JF
Generation: Master
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Total running time: 59 min

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Quebec is said several times.

FLAWS: Severly incomplete.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Seems like a good performance, but hard to
judge on only an hour fragment.  Will have to listen to the full
Live Met. Crowd seems really into it, singing along, fists in the
air, really loving it. Kirk's guitar freaks out at the end of Bells,
and he has to run across stage to get a new one.