That Was Just Your Life (Cut)
Ride the Lightning 
Through the Never
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Cut)
The God That Failed
My Apocalypse 
The Outlaw Torn
One (Cut)
Master of Puppets 
Dyers Eve 
Enter Sandman [cut]
Stone Cold Crazy [cut]
Phantom Lord 

BLURAY QUALITY: Overall it's a good watch. Colors are really nice, and close-ups are 
pretty decent as well. Unfortunately, the songs being cut up so much really distracts
from the video.  

AUTHOR:  Dr. Lurch / LeperMessiah26
LINEAGE: Master > Bluray

CORRECT SHOW: Melbourne is said a few times. Matches the second night

FLAWS: Bluray is only about 60 minutes long, so the songs are cut
up a lot.  

BAND PERFORMANCE: Crazy setlist wow - God that Failed, My Apocalypse,
Outlaw Torn, Dyers Eve, and Phantom Lord.  They sort of butcher 
Dyers Eve, but it's always good to have that in the setlist.