Damage Case
Stone Dead Forever
Too Late Too Late
The Chase is Better Than the Catch
We Are the Road Crew
> Overkill ending
Happy Birthday Lemmy
Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

AUDIO QUALITY: Good recording, definitely captures the vibe of the show
and the club feel.  Get this if you don't already have it.  
TIME: 30 minutes


FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Wow, what a surprise this was back in '95. Lemmy's 50th birthday 
party show. I had several people in the LA area call me the very next day - before social media 
was prevalant, we actually called each other. Anyway, they were devastated that they opted to 
skip this show, so it was under pretty tight wraps that Metallica was a surprise guest.
Nowadays, that stuff leaks out so quickly.  Anyway, Jason sings We are the Road Crew.  Great
show to end a fairly impactful year with only four shows.