That Was Just Your Life (cut)
The End of the Line (Missing)
Harvester of Sorrow (Missing)
Fuel (Missing)
One (Missing)
Broken, Beat and Scarred (Missing)
Cyanide (Missing)
Sad but True (cut)
Turn the Page (Missing)
All Nightmare Long (Missing)
The Day that Never Comes (Missing)
Master of Puppets
Fight Fire with Fire (Missing)
Nothing Else Matters 
Enter Sandman
Die Die My Darling
Seek and Destroy (Missing)
VIDEO QUALITY: This is a digicam source. The taper is in the pit near
the railing, so it is very shakey, lots of hands, heads, etc in the way.
You do get some nice close-up shots, but really best left for the 
collector. Not sync'd with Live Metallica.

Version: Albin/Sailing home
Filming type: Audience
Taper(s): Albin
Generation: Master
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 4:3

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says Copenhagen during Master.

FLAWS: Very incomplete

BAND PERFORMANCE: Seems like a great performance, but it's so chopped up
it's hard to really give a full review.  Will have to listen to the livemet version
to give a proper review.