(cuts in)
That Was Just Your Life (cut)
The End of the Line (cut)
Harvester of Sorrow (cut)
The Shortest Straw 
Fade to Black (cut)
The Memory Remains (cut)
I Disappear (cut)
Sad but True (cut)
Turn the Page (cut)
One (cut)
Master of Puppets (cut)
Damage, Inc. 
Nothing Else Matters (cut)
Enter Sandman 
Jump in the Fire

BLURAY QUALITY: Overall it's a good watch.  The filmer does move
around a bit to avoid heads and hands, so it is shakey from time
to time. But colors are really nice, and close-ups are pretty decent
as well. Unfortunately, the songs being cut up so much really distracts
from the video.  

AUTHOR:  Dr. Lurch / LeperMessiah26
LINEAGE: Master > Bluray

CORRECT SHOW: Melbourne is said a few times. Don't be fooled by James
saying "Melbourne 3rd show" between Life and Line.  Not sure why he did
that.  You do see someone else holding up a banner that reads Happy
Birthday Kirk - which this day was his birthday.  Maybe James just got
confused. Setlist matches what was posted for this show. 

FLAWS: Bluray is only about 60 minutes long, so the songs are cut
up a lot.  One is only about 5 seconds it's cut up so bad.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another great show in South America.  The fans are pretty
serious Metallica fans here.