Bad Seed jam
So What?
Creeping Death
Sad but True
Ain't My Bitch
King Nothing
Jason's solo 
 My Friend of Misery/ Welcome Home (Sanitarium) jam
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy w/ Cure Jam / Fight Fire With Fire
> Leper Messiah jam
Last Caress
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
> Man on the Silver Mountain jam
Am I Evil?

QUALITY: Video is shot from the upper deck center stage, so you get a distant
shot with some close-ups. The thing that is somewhat annoying at least in the beginning
is the taper keeps putting it on pause during Creeping Death, so that song has little cuts
in them. It's hand held, so the zoom ins and outs are fast and it's shakey. Taper
talks to his buddies from time to time gets them to scream for him. All in all, the video 
is a tad rough to watch. King Nothing is cut up as well as he's moving around. He moves 
around a lot during Roam to try and tape from a different angle so it's been cut up some as well. 

DVD SOURCE: Unknown source and transfer
TIME: 120 minutes
SOURCED: DVD was sourced from a 2nd gen VHS.

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says Calgary a few times.

FLAWS: Already mentioned above. Fade to Black is cut as well, probably due to tape swap.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Second to last night on the Load North American Tour. No sign of the last
night in circulation.  Shorter set tonight, no Hero of the Day or Wasting My Hate. For some
reason this video eluded me for a long time. I believe it surfaced in late '97, and I saw
it only on one trader's list - who soon there after quit trading. This was one of the last '97
shows I needed, so glad to finally get it in house.