Lars/Jason's Speech
Creeping Death (w/Jason vocals, Kenny rhythm) 
For Whom the Bell Tolls (w/Jason vocals, Kenny rhythm) 
Seek and Destroy (w/Jason vocals, Kenny rhythm) 
Earache my Eye (Korn)  
Counting (Korn) 
Sad but True (w/Kid Rock vocals) 
American Badass (w/Kid Rock vocals) 
Nothing Else Matters (w/Kid Rock vocals, Head on rhythm)  
Fortunate Son  (w/ Kid Rock on vocals)
Somebody's Got to Feel This (w/ Kid Rock on vocals)
Fuel (w/Jason vocals, Kid Rock turntables) 
Turn the Page (w/Kid Rock vocals) 
Mastertarium (w/Jason(a fan) then Darron vocals, Darron guitarist) 
Enter Sandman (w/Jason and Kid Rock on vocals) 

AUDIO QUALITY: To be reviewed later...

DVD QUALITY: Straight from Dave Jr's master. I didn't even know this show
was filmed, so it's great to see it in circulation. Definitely a historic
performance that is great to see in video. The video is shot from the
side so it's mostly stage shot with some video screen footage. Audio
is decent as well. Definitely something that should be in your

SOURCE: CCD-TRV29 > Sony Video Hi8 120 > Firewire > Studio 11 (authoring) > DVD
TIME: 101 minutes

FLAWS: none

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Atlanta is said a lot. Obviously this could only be this
specific show - no confusion here.

BAND PERFORMANCE: The first of three shows without James. You have to give
credit to these guys for pulling this together at the last minute. Everyone
really stepped up, so you can forgive the awkward moments as they try
to work out some of the kinks. Definitely a must have show for the collection.