The Four Horsemen
Leper Messiah
No Remorse w/ Dyers Eve
Fade to Black
Ride the Lightning
Seek and Destroy
Damage, Inc.

QUALITY: Very nice sounding minidisc recording. The crowd can be a little loud
at times, but this is also pretty cool when they get the chants going. Especially
in songs like No Remorse. Guitars, drums, and James' vocals come across really well, Rob's
bass isn't that easy to pick up in the mix.  It could be that the taper stood on Kirk's side, 
which would explain why maybe Rob's bass doesn't come across as well. I'm really being 
picky here, as you can feel the energy on this recording so that is really cool. The taper 
did a great job, no distortion, and the music is up front in the recording. The crowd is VERY 
much into this show, some cool ME-TALLI-CA chants.

SOURCE: DA120s battery box > (bass roll off @ 120 hz) > Sony MZR50
TIME: 64 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says Paris several times, and this set matches the set they played on
the 2nd of 3 shows that day.

FLAWS: No recording flaws.

BAND PERFORMANCE: The band is full of energy, especially during the first three songs.
They seem to be a bit tighter than when I saw them play on 5/19. I'm sure things will
gel even more once they play more shows together. James does mess up the words to
Ride the Lightning, which is pretty funny. This was a rather unique day, as Metallica
played 3 shows in one day. This was the middle show, and in my opinion the best setlist.
Good version of Frantic, that song seems to have really come together, and it sounds so
much better live than on studio.  Leper Messiah has never sounded better. One of my
favorite versions of this song to be honest.