Hit the Lights
The Four Horsemen
Jump in the Fire
Fight Fire With Fire
Ride the Lightning
Phantom Lord
Call of Ktulu
No Remorse
Seek and Destroy
Cliff's Solo
Creeping Death
Kirk's solo
Metal Militia (cut)

QUALITY: Pretty good actually. Pretty clear, good instrument separation, with no distortion.  I believe 
this is a pretty low gen cassette that I was able to use in the conversion.  Almost no crowd 
chatter.  Great for 1983.

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: unknown gen cassette > USB SoundBlaster HD > Goldwave > CDWAVE > WAV > FLAC (transferred by me)
TIME: 80 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes.  James never says the city name or venue. He does say between Whiplash and
and Creeping Death "I hope to see all of you at the Stone tomorrow night." Which would be
the 11/26/83 show at the Stone.   He does dedicate Phantom Lord to "those who got pulled away in the cop car. 
This is for the old trues" Not sure what that was about.  But something unique that he says for this show.

Please note - this show is often confused with 11/26/83 and 11/7/83.  If you hear James
wish Dave from Armored Saint a birthday before Phantom Lord you have 11/26.  If you hear James talk about the
people getting in the cop car before Phantom you have 11/25.  Note, there is no 11/7 as far as I can tell.
I did have a fake 11/7 where Fight was missing, and the part where James talks about seeing everyone
at the Stone tomorrow was also cut.  Make sure to listen for James dedicating Phantom Lord to the people
who got hauled away in the cop car.  If you hear that you have 11/25.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Awesome of course, some new songs tonight with Fire, Ride, Ktulu, and Creeping Death. The other
songs sound brilliant as always.