Die, Die My Darling
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Seek and Destroy
Whiskey in the Jar
Memory Remains
No Leaf Clover
Sad but True
Creeping Death
Outlaw Torn
Master of Puppets/ Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Nothing Else Matters
King Nothing
Turn the Page
Enter Sandman
Trapped Under Ice

QUALITY: Decent enough, certainly a good listen. Not a lot of crowd
noise around the taper, but the audio leans towards more high end then
a nicely balanced recording.  Regardless, worth having because of the setlist.

SOURCE: Unknown
TIME: 130 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes Chicago is said many times, several references to it
being the second night.


BAND PERFORMANCE: By pre 2004 standards, this was a heck of a setlist. The very
rarely played Outlaw torn with the even rarer Trapped Under Ice - dedicated to Otto.
Performance is solid, a few rough moments maybe during Trapped, but who's really
keeping track here.  All in all, a great show, and I remember being pretty excited
when this show started to circulate.