> Bad Seed jams
Creeping Death
Sad but True 
Shortest Straw
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing 
Ain't My Bitch
Jason's solo 
 My Friend of Misery/ Welcome Home (Sanitarium) jam
Nothing Else Matters
Hero of the Day
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Wherever I May Roam
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy w/ Cure jam / Fight Fire With Fire
> Mission Impossible > Damage, Inc. teasers
So What
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
> Shortest Straw > Damage Case jams
Am I Evil?

AUDIO QUALITY: Excellent sounding show. Highly recommend. Great sound
all around, low crowd noise.  Great stuff.

SOURCE: AKG 414 > Stewart BPS-1 pre-amp > Sony TCD-D7
LINEAGE: DAT master > DAT(1) > CDR(1) > .flac
TRANSFER: Tascam DA20mkII > Sony CDRW33 > EAC > FLAC frontend > .flac

DVD QUALITY: Excellent - this is why you collect bootlegs. Fantastic
showing. Apparently there is a 3DVD version, that has better video
quality - maybe someday I'll upgrade, but this is just fine really.

SOURCE: Deadbase/Metallifreak27
TIME: 135 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Moline is said a few times.

FLAWS: none.

BAND PERFORMANCE: WHAAAT?! Opening with Overkill - Shortest Straw, moving Sleeps and Hero
around? By 1997 standards this is a crazy setlist.  Excellent recording for both audio
and DVD, make this a must have show.  Love Overkill as an opener, they should do that more.
Shortest Straw goes off the rails a bit, James forgets lyrics, and the song gets away from
them...but it's kind of funny in the end.  I guess that's why they never played it again
on the US tour. Love that they slipped in a jam on Damage Case - must have been a Motorhead