For Whom the Bell Tools *
Frantic *
Sad but True +*
Dirty Window +
Seek and Destroy +
Fade to Black + *
Battery + *
St. Anger +
Kirk's solo
Nothing Else Matters + *
Master of Puppets + *
One +
Enter Sandman +

AUDIO QUALITY: Well, quality is kind of rough on this one. It's very distant, and the mics are
muffled. Lots of crowd chatter. Also distortion on the bass drum, overall it has too much
bass anyway. Probably needed a bass filter for the equipment.  It all sums up to - probably
best left for collectors.

SOURCE: AKG Micro Mic II >Sony MD MZN10 > Cool Edit > CDR
TIME: 79 minutes

DVD QUALITY: Professionaly shot, really nice capture.  I had this previously
but the transfer was pretty poor.  This redone version is much better. Nice quality,
too bad it's incomplete. 

SOURCE: Unknown
TIME: 50 Minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Sydney is said several times. The band also says "See you
tomorrow" during their final speeches after Sandman

FLAWS: The professionally shot DVD is incomplete, songs marked with * are included.
Songs marked with + are on the audio only as heavy rains prevented the taper
from taping the first part of the show.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Pretty tough to tell..hehe. Interesting that James does a "METALLICA"
chant during the beginning of Dirty Window. Still really don't care for this song, but
that is just my opinion. I do really like St. Anger live, especially the guitar riff in
the beginning. Killer. James does a funny intro to Seek and Destroy. He tries to sound
like the guy from VH1's behind the music or something. Hopefully a full show will surface.