Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Harvester of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad but True
Jason's Solo
 > My Friend of Misery > Orion jams
Through the Never
The Unforgiven
Eye of the Beholder / Blackened / The Frayed Ends of Sanity /
 ...And Justice for All / Blackened
> Mistreated
Kirk's Solo
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
 > Godzilla jam
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

QUALITY: Okay recording, a lot of high end on this one.  Slight distortion on the mics at the really
loud points.

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: unknown gen cassette > USB SoundBlaster HD  > Goldwave > CDWAVE > WAV (transferred by me)
TIME: 130 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Tokyo is said a few times, also references to it being New Years Eve.

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Quick trip to Japan to play a New Year's Eve show.  A shorter setlist tonight as they were
under a time constraint.  In fact they just stop towards the end of One, and talk about how they don't have time
to play more, but they do anyway.  A bit of a strange moment.  There is no official countdown, James just says
have a Happy New Year. Funny that they jam to Godzilla, those jokesters.