Master of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
The God That Failed
Fade to Black
Ride the Lightning / No Remorse / Hit the Lights 
 / The Four Horsemen / Phantom Lord / Fight Fire With Fire
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Devil's Dance
Donington Medley 
Creeping Death
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Harvester of Sorrow
> Remember Tomorrow Jam/The Unforgiven Jam
Nothing Else Matters
Sad but True
Last Caress
Seek and Destroy (London Dungeon Jam/The Outlaw Torn Jam)
Enter Sandman
So What?

QUALITY: Pretty average recording on this one, the high end might be a little
too overpowering. The crowd is very loud on the recording, sometimes loud enough
to distort the mics when they yell and sing. Still a good listen, and worth getting
for the vibe and the lack of shows in '95. The Donnington Medley is hilarious - James' saying
do you guys like Machine Head' Everyone cheers, Kirk "plays Smoke on the water", James
"not the album man...I think they got it" hehe, not sure how many people got the joke, but 
I think it's funny.

SOURCE: Binaural mics > DAT deck > DATM
TIME: 140 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Donnington is said several times.


BAND PERFORMANCE: This show starts out pretty funny with the Intro music being
cut and some guy coming on the PA to say "With the recent death of heavy metal, Metallica
has been cancelled". James says some choice words and yells "Breadfan". It's funny to
listen to the crowds reaction. Another good performance at Donnington, '95 was obviously
a limited year for touring. So get them all. The debut of two new songs Devil's Dance, 
and a much faster version of 2x4. I remember back in '95 getting these 
two songs in the mail almost a week after this show happened. I was pretty estatic to get 
new Metallica songs. Metallica was definitely in a good mood during this show, very loose
with a lot of jamming. See the Donington medley, London Dungeon, and an early Outlaw
Torn jam. The Remember Tomorrow jam is with lyrics. Definitely get this show, as it's unique one
I think.

"Donington Medley" includes short jams on: Holier / Smoke on the Water 
/ Slow and Easy / More Human Than Human / Welcome to the Jungle / 
Black Magic / Youth Gone Wild.