Hit the Lights 
The Four Horsemen 
Harvester of Sorrow 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Sad but True 
Phantom Lord 
Leper Messiah 
No Remorse w/ Dyers Eve teaser
Fade to Black 
Master of Puppets 
Damage, Inc. 
Ride the Lightning 
For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Last Caress 
Am I Evil? 

QUALITY: YES, the first of the four Fillmore shows finally sees the light of day,
and it's worth the wait. Very nice recording, equal to the DPA4061>M1 source from
the 19th, 21st, and 22nd. Not sure who the taper is on this, but nice job. Nice
instrument separation, no distortion, almost no crowd chatter. I would love to find
out where the taper stood on this one. Get this recording, you won't be disappointed.
Very nice to have these four rehearsal shows surface, and all be in excellent quality.

SOURCE: Sanken COS 11 > PCM-M1
TIME: 118 minutes 

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: The band starts out pretty serious, and then loosens up as the
show progresses. Not what I would've expected, I would have though that the first
show wouldn've been the loosest, with each show getting progressivly more serious.
Not the case, but that's cool. I think the shows are far more enjoyable where things
are loose anyway. James makes fun of the lyrics to Phantom Lord, pretty comical.
Overall, I still think the 19th was the best night. However, I'm just biased since
I was at that one. However, if you are even a mild collector of Metallica, you should
have these four fillmore nights in the collection. Very cool, and I'm glad they were all