For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Leper Messiah
Harvester of Sorrow 
Eye of the Beholder 
Jason's solo 
> To Live is to Die jam
Master of Puppets 
Seek and Destroy 
...And Justice for All
> How Many More Times jam
Creeping Death 
Fade to Black 
Kirk's solo
> Little Wing jam
> La Bamba > Run to the Hills > Helpless jams
Last Caress 
Am I Evil? 

VIDEO QUALITY: Pretty rough. Distant, taper never zooms in.  Hard to
see who's who on stage.  The audio holds up well, certainly comparable
to other shows of this era.  You're basically only going to listen to the audio
and watch the light show.  Die hards only for sure on this one.

Version: Unknown
Generation: Mid to High gen > DVD
TIME: 120 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes Lubbock is said several times.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Good show, nothing too crazy here.  It follows
the Justice formula very well.