Movie (short)
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Harvester of Sorrow
 > Third Stone From the Sun jam
Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
Sad but True
Wherever I May Roam
Jason's solo
 > My Friend of Misery  > Orion jam
Through the Never
The Unforgiven
Eye of the Beholder / Blackened / The Frayed Ends of Sanity /
  ...And Justice for All / Blackened
> Dazed and Confused > Moby Dick teasers
Lars' solo > War Pigs > One > In the Hall
  of the Mountain King teasers
> Mistreated jam
Kirk's solo
 > Funeral March of the Marionette jam
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
> La Grange jam
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
Last Caress
Am I Evil? w/ Star Spangled Banner
 > Gimme Three Steps jam
Stone Cold Crazy

QUALITY: Nice quality, it's definitely a nice upgrade to what was floating around in
circulation. It's unclear what gen was used, but it can't be more than 2nd or 3rd.
Shot from the tapers section, so it has the straight on view above the crowd.  Close
ups aren't great, but it's still an enjoyable video to watch. There is some shakiness
to it, not sure if it was hand held or not.

SOURCE: 1st source / Roamer
TIME: 170 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Portland is said several times. Lars makes reference to it being
the first show after the Grammys.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Guys seem to be happy to be back on the road after the short
break for the Grammys. I believe they won for Enter Sandman if I remember right.
Lars' comment about thanking Jethro Tull for not putting out an album is pretty
funny. Good concert for sure, they are definitely at the top of their game
leading into March and April which are some of my favorite black album shows. All
in all a nice addition to the collection.