Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ride the Lightning
The Memory Remains
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
...And Justice for All
The Four Horsemen
Kirk's solo #1
Fade to Black
Master of Puppets
Whiskey in the Jar
Kirk's solo #2
Nothing Else Matters
Sad but True
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
So What?
Seek and Destroy
> Let There Be Rock outro

Notes from the taper: 
Without a wristband I managed to walk into the golden circle area! I just followed some others going in as security was too busy keeping out the beggers!!!So I had a great location for taping. 
A couple of problems during the beginning of the set. For starters, as I was trying to get going, the pit was so bad I hit pause a couple of times before I could activate the "hold" function. That's was caused the splits during the first four tracks. 
During The Memory Remains, I was second row and security busted me taping. The dude pulled on my mics and said he was gonna take my gear and give it back at the end of the gig. I was like, FUCK THAT SHIT! I convinced him I would turn my gear off and stop, which I did momentarily. This caused alot of commotion near the rail and I lost a windscreen on the ground. Miraculously, I managed to get it back, but I annoyed alot of people in the process. Most of these conversations were captured on this. Once I turned my gear back on, I went back about 15 rows as security was inside the pits fucking with the moshers. So from Sanitarium through Master of Puppets, I had the mics somewhat hidden, so the sounds is not optimal. Once Whiskey started I decided I didnt care if I got booted at that point and returned my mics to the optimal position and finished the rest of the gig. This was my second time seeing Metallica in Dublin and it was as good as the first. Had a blast partying with the 20 plus people I met at the show. You crazy fuckers know who you are! Overall, I am happy with the results of this recording, and I hope you are too, enjoy! Lastly, this show was recorded for my enjoyment purposes. You may hear some yelling screaming, and amp adjustments during the set. I always try to keep them at a minimum. 

Lineage: CA-11>CA-9100>Edirol R-09>PC>Adobe Audition>CDWAVE>FLAC
Taped by: Porcelmc in front pit section rows 2-15 variance. 
Total Runnig Time: Approx 2 hours 11 minutes

DVD QUALITY: Rough - die hards only on this one.  Shaky, the stage lights over power
the camera, lots of heads, distant.  Respect to the taper for trying, but you're
basically listening to the live met release when you "watch" this one. 

AUTHOR: zooshows

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Dublin is said a lot


BAND PERFORMANCE: Seems like a good show, can't play a show in Ireland without
playing Whiskey in the Jar.  Looks like Horsemen replaces No Remorse for tonight.