Creeping Death 
Bass doodle   
For Whom The Bell Tolls   
Guitar doodle
Sad But True   
Disposable Heroes   
Guitar doodle
James' guitar doodle
The Unforgiven   
And Justice For All   
The Memory Remains   
The Four Horsemen (cut)   
AUDIO QUALITY: Really nice audience, which these days is rare. Nice balance of 
music to crowd, no noticeble annoying screamers, or talking, etc. Definitely a 
nice addition to the collection. Nice job to the taper.

TAPER: Stokvis
EQUIPMENT: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 (bass rolloff @107Hz) > Sony MZ-N1 (with Maxell XL-II md)
TRANSFER: Soundblaster 1024 > Audacity > FLAC
DURATION: 1:02:20

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, several references to it being London.

FLAWS: Taper's battery died, so half the concert is missing.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Many reports of this being one of the best performances
in a long time. I would definitely recommend getting this show in some
format, as it is a great performance. Not sure what it was, but the band
seems to be especially tight tonight.