The Memory Remains (cut)
One (cut)
Broken, Beat & Scarred (cut)
Leper Messiah (cut)
Suicide and Redemption
The Day That Never Comes (cut)
Master of Puppets

VIDEO QUALITY: Shot with a digicam and in the pit, so it's very
shakey, lots of obstructions, and very incomplete.  You do get
some cool shots with being so close.  Probably best left for the

VERSION: Metprincess/Norbinho 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Copenhagen is said a few times.  Also matches the
4th night set.

FLAWS: Very Incomplete

BAND PERFORMANCE: Hard to judge based on this small fragment, it's 
cool that the taper got all of S&R.  That comes off live nicely, and
I believe this was the debut of the full song.  Not 100% on that though.