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Through the Never (Cuts In) The God That Failed Rebel of Babylon Dirty Window Frantic Sabbra Cadabra King Nothing Phantom Lord Jump in the Fire Metal Militia Hit the Lights DVD QUALITY #1: Excellent Digicam, very close and clear of obstructions. SOURCE: Hellawaits77 TRANSFER: Panasonic Lumix ZS10 > DVD TIME: 45 minutes

Source 2

Orion Through the Never Ride the Lightning The God That Failed Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Rebel of Babylon Blackened (w/ MetClubbers Dennis & Annette) Dirty Window (w/ Bob Rock) Frantic (w/ Bob Rock) Sabbra Cadabra (w/ Geezer Butler) Iron Man (w/ Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler) Paranoid (w/ Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler) King Nothing (w/ Jason Newsted) Whiplash (w/ Jason Newsted) Motorbreath (w/ Hugh Tanner) Phantom Lord (w/ Dave Mustaine) Jump in the Fire (w/ Dave Mustaine) Metal Militia (w/ Dave Mustaine) Hit the Lights (w/ Lloyd Grant, Dave Mustaine & Ron McGovney) Seek & Destroy (w/ Jason Newsted, Dave Mustaine, Lloyd Grant, Ron McGovney, Hugh Tanner, Mark Osegueda and the Soul Rebels) > Let there be Rock outro SOURCE: Hellstorm79 version TRANSFER: Youtube(?) > DVD TIME: 114 minutes CORRECT SHOW: Yes, references to it being night 4 of 4. FLAWS: none BAND PERFORMANCE: Finally sitting down and watching these 30 year anniversary shows like 6 years later, but hey looks like no more sources are coming out. Hopefully Metallica will release all complete one day. Wow, pulling out the history tonight. Obviously the highlight is Mustaine on stage, and hearing all of the Kill'em all songs. Great show, great run of four shows. Awesome all around.