No Leaf Clover 
The Four Horsemen 
Sad but True 
Kirk's Solo #1 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Ride the Lightning 
St Anger 
Rob's Jungle Essence
> ...And Justice For All > Orion teasers 
I Disappear 
Creeping Death 
Fight Fire With Fire 
Disposable Heroes 
Nothing Else Matters 
Master of Puppets 
Enter Sandman 
> ...And Justice For All jam
Wasting My Hate 
Seek and Destroy 
> Let There Be Rock outro

QUALITY: The taper of this show is WAY up. Wow, it provides an interesting view
of the stage. You realize how big the stage really is, and how much space there
is for these gusy to run around. There is a lot of ground to cover. There are
two audio tracks for this DVD - one from Live Metallica the other the audience
from the video camera. I wouldn't bother listening to the audience, it's terrible.
It's a steady shot so that's nice, really the biggest downfall is how far away this
guy is.

DVD SOURCE: Unknown source and transfer
TIME: 140 minutes
SOURCED: It's unclear if this video was sourced from the master

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says Quebec a lot.

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: A slightly off performance I think. There are a few tech probelms with
guitars - most notable before No Leaf Clover. There are a few moments in some of the
faster songs that James and Lars seem to be off in time. Death, Fight, then Disposable...
wow.  Funny moment when Lars and Kirk start to jam on Justice. James says "everyone says
the Justice medley...I could really go without playing that again."  Wasting My Hate makes
a suprise tonight, haven't seen this song since '97.