Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man
> Black Sabbath teaser
Thing That Should Not Be
Kirk's solo
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Jason's Solo
 w/ Play That Funky Music > The Law teasers
 > Where the Wild Things Are jam
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Low Man's Lyric (acoustic)
The Four Horsemen (acoustic)
Motorbreath (acoustic)
 > Fixxxer jam
Sad but True
Enter Sandman
 > It Ain't Like That jam
Creeping Death

QUALITY: Whew - probably one of the worst videos of all time. I know the taper, so
no offense to him. I can't believe he stuck taping this show. On the first DVD there
are maybe 5 minutes of good footage, the rest is very obstructed. The second DVD is slightly
better, but not much. The audio is okay, a little muffled. This would be one that you
listen to, and that's about it. The last few songs are about the only thing that's watchable,
with Creeping Death being the best. You actually see most of the band for the majority
of this song.

SOURCE: Unknown camera
TIME: 133 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, got it direct from the taper. Though the city name isn't said anywhere
in the usual places. Lars simply says "bye" at the end.  No other real stand out things
were said to help with duplicates. Maybe the It Ain't Like That jam will help, not
sure that one happened too much.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Seems like a good performance, this was still early in the tour before
the mid-summer break. After the break, I think they were more focused on new babies
than putting on concerts. At any rate, this show has some good energy.