That Was Just Your Life (Cut)
The End of the Line (Cut)
Harvester of Sorrow
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Sad but True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
All Nightmare Long
Kirk's Solo #1 > Sails of Charon
The Day That Never Comes
Master of Puppets
Fight Fire With Fire (Cut)
Kirk's Solo #2
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
> The Judas Kiss jam
Die, Die My Darling
Seek and Destroy
> Wasting My Hate jam

VIDEO QUALITY: Hand held so it's a bit shakey, with some obstructions. However, it's fairly
close so you get some really nice shots when the band is on the side of the taper.  Not
as crisp as some of the other videos, but still very watchable and enjoyable.

VERSION: Evenflow

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Chicago is said a lot.

FLAWS: None.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Fight Fire with Fire sounds awesome this night, too bad it's cut. They
are starting to tease on The Judas Kiss, which would show up later in the 2009 tour. All
in all another great performance in the Chicago area.