Leper Messiah
Kirk's solo #1
The Unforgiven
Sad but True
Holier Than Thou
St. Anger
Rob's Jungle Essence
> Orion teaser
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Creeping Death
Damage, Inc.
I Disappear
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Pupptes
Enter Sandman
> ...And Justice For All teaser
Metal Militia
Seek and Destroy
> Let There Be Rock outro

AUDIO QUALITY: Actually a really good recording, the only thing is it lacking on low end. You really
miss the heavy live punch that is common at a live Metallica show. Otherwise it's clean no distortion, 
crowd isn't too annoying which is always nice. However, it does do a nice job of picking up the overall 
crowd noise, and they were really into this show. This one of the shows that was unavailable
on livemetallica, so thanks to the taper for taping and releasing this show. Last minute note, if
you turn up the bass on your stereo you'll get the missing low end, and it makes a big difference.

SOURCE: Sony ECM-717 > Sony Hi-MD Recorder
TIME: 150 minutes

DVD QUALITY: Quality is fairly good, a fair amount of obstructions but he does get some good
shots.  The audio is pretty rough. 

SOURCE: St. Anger
TIME: 90 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Montreal is said sevearl times. Couple references to it being
the second night as well.

FLAWS: DVD is missing Leper through Sanitarium. Audio is complete though. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: James says before Leper Messiah that he wasn't in a good mood
before the show, but after feeling all of the Montreal love, he's in a great mood.
Gotta like that if you are in the crowd for this show. This is the
first time they played The Unforgiven in 11 years, and it's pretty rough during the
intro, but they pull it back together during the first verse. Certainly a nice
surprise to see that one reappear. Nice version of Holier and Leper. Also Metal Militia
kicks ass, that one could be in rotation more as far as I'm concerned. Great show,
and overall a nice performance. The band really likes Montreal, very evident in Lars'
thank you speech at the end.