Creeping Death
Seek and Destroy
Fade to Black
Thing that Should not Be
Sad but True
The Unnamed Feeling
Harvester of Sorrow
Master of Puppets
St. Anger
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
53rd and 3rd
Phantom Lord

QUALITY: A nice listen, although there is still that layer of distortion that is present
on the other Japanese recordings. If you liked the other Japanese shows, you'll like this

SOURCE: Unknown audience
TIME: 128 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says Nagoya roughly 900 times.

FLAWS: Small statics blips right before the track changes. Very weird, never had
that before. Digital static during the end of Puppets. Need to find a clean copy.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Really good show and a good listen. Lots of energy in this show.
The obvious highlight is 53rd and 3rd, with Lars doing some vocals. The Unnamed Feeling
gets some pretty good response, probably the best reaction I've heard thus far. Definitely
recommend getting a copy of this show for the Ramones cover.