Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man *
> Black Sabbath teaser *
The Thing That Should Not Be *
Kirk's solo *
Fuel *
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Jason's solo 
 w/ Play That Funky Music > The Law teasers 
> My Friend of Misery > Welcome Home (Sanitarium) jam
Kirk's solo
 w/ Harvester of Sorrow teaser
The Four Horsemen
For Whom the Bell Tolls
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Nothing Else Matters
Sad but True
Creeping Death
> Fixxxer jam
Die, Die My Darling
Enter Sandman

AUDIO QUALITY: Pro broadcast, though my version has mp3 lineage. It actually sounds
better than the audio on the DVD. It may come from a separate source than the
DVD such as a radio broadcast.

DVD QUALITY: Pro shot. There is some debate on if this is a VCD, or just
a really bad compression used when transferring it to DVD. Either way,
this is the best you can get as of early 2008. Supposedly there are some
traders sitting on a really nice version of this DVD, but so far they aren't
budging.  The audio suffers on this recording going from very low to very
loud at various points of the show...annoying. The actual filming of this
video is pretty annoying. A lot of extreme close ups and fast cutting between
band members.

2020 Update: Well a nicer vesion got released - how about that.  By none other than
Metallica.  This would be the 15th episode of Metallica Mondays during the pandemic of
2020.  It's still not crisp, the cameras used may not have been very good quality,
but it's definitely and improvment!

SOURCE: PRO shot / Metallica Mondays
TIME: 120 minutes

FLAWS: song with * are missing from the audio.

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Bogota is said a few times.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another historic performance in that this is the first
time the band has played Colombia.  Nice to see a show that typically would not
have been recorded by the average tape trader, start circulating as a
pro shot. Hopefully one day we can get a great version of this. Performance
was pretty good, it's easier to pick up listening to the audio source since
the audio on the video is so low at some points.