I Just Want to Celebrate
Please Don't Judas Me
Only Happy When it Rains
Brother in Arms
Disposable Heroes
All Within My Hands
Turn the Page
Nothing Else Matters

DVD QUALITY:  Might be a cellphone here, but the camera quality isn't great
and it's very dark.  The only other option is a youtube sourced video
at this point.  

VERSION: Unknown

AUDIO QUALITY: The audience recording is rough, a lot of distortion on the
bass. The taper likes to cheer and say Yeah and Whoo in the beginning. Then
starts to hate the concert as the show proceeds. Obviously you'd be hard 
pressed to listen to this over the soundboard. Lots of talking from the taper 
in fact. The taper leaves during Turn the Page so you can barely hear NEM, but you 
get to hear a lot of talking between him and his friend. It's clear that the taper 
and his friend were not impressed with the show. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS.

SOURCE: Unknown source
TIME: 56 minutes


FLAWS: Shitty recording combined with shitty taper comments. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Metallica hits the Bridge Benefit in 2007, and this time around
plays half cover songs and half Metallica songs. The covers are okay, Celebrate is a 
good jam. The other ones don't really grab me, they tend to be pretty slow. The
highlights without a doubt for me are Heroes and Hands - wow. Disposable is just
as intense acoustic as electric, can't believe they pulled this off. All with in
my Hands takes on a whole new haunting vibe acoustic, really powerful. I 
like this version 100% better than the one on St. Anger. Overall these both
these shows were really enjoyable and a nice Metallica fix in an otherwise
quiet fall of 2007.