For Whom the Bell Tolls
Seek and Destroy
Creeping Death
Now That We're Dead
Sad but True
Moth Into Flame
The Unforgiven
Wherever I May Roam
Fade to Black
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
> The Frayed Ends of Sanity outro

DVD QUALITY: So this is a capture of the big screen at some drive-in. So you can see the outline
of other cars, and a few people get in the way as they do some outdoor moshing. That being said,
it still is enjoyable to watch, and is kind of a must have for its uniqueness.  

AUTHOR: Villin/Funmetal

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. very obvious that this is the correct show. 

FLAWS: None.

BAND PERFORMANCE: First off the date is correct of the actual performance.  This was shown
in drive-in theaters on 8/29.  Due to the pandemic of 2020, a lot of life came to a halt - 
including large gatherings of people at concerts.  Metallica had a handful of dates scheduled
for 2020, but those all got postponed.  So, this will probably be the only Metallica concert
in 2020 - unless you count the stuff they did on Howard Stern.   At any rate, this is a pretty
cool show, and one to add to the collection.