That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Harvester of Sorrow
Holier than Thou
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Sad but True
Turn the Page
All Nightmare Long
The Day that Never Comes (Missing)
Master of Puppets (Missing)
Dyers Eve (Missing)
Nothing Else Matters (Missing)
Enter Sandman (Missing)
Stone Cold Crazy (Missing)
Phantom Lord (Missing)
Seek and Destroy  (Missing)

VIDEO QUALITY: Really nice video, a little shakey from time to time,
but overall really nice picture and colors.  The taper is dead center
of the stage, and gets some nice close-ups. Unfortunately, due to
security the rest of the concert wasn't taped.

Version: Santos/LM26
Taper(s): Santos
Taping equipment: Sony HDR-SR10
Generation: Master
Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Total running time: 70 min
CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Zurich is said a lot.


BAND PERFORMANCE: Great show, too bad it's incomplete. What a setlist
though, thankfully we have Live Metallica release in order to get the
full show.  Phantom, Holier, Dyers Eve nice.