That Was Just Your Life
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Holier Than Thou
My Apocalypse
Dyers Eve
Seek and Destroy (Partial/Slideshow

Bonus footage:
The Shortest Straw [2010.04.14]
Unforgiven III [2010.04.14]

VIDEO QUALITY: Filmed from the pit, so you can imagine a lot of shakiness,
and obstructions.  The good news is because he is so close, you also get
some nice close-ups.  Sync'd with Live Met audio.

VERSION: Krzych / Xitach
SOURCE: Digicam > Master > DVD

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Oslo is said.

FLAWS: Just a fragment of the show.

BAND PERFORMANCE: The taper got most of the interesting parts of the
show My Apocalypse and Dyers Eve. Seems like from what is here it's another
fine show in 2009.