Master of Puppets
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Ride the Lighting
Jason's solo
The Thing That Should Not Be
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy
Creeping Death
The Four Horsemen
Kirk's solo
 > Munsters theme song
Am I Evil?
Damage, Inc. (cut)

QUALITY: Quality is pretty rough on this one, a lot of high end. My guess is 
the recording equipment was probably a hand held cassette recorder with a built
in mic. It has that overdriven sound where the guitars, cymbals and drums all kind
of blend together. The vocals come across nice though. I tried to clean it up as
best I could, but it's still a rough listen. For some reason the sound quality improves
during Welcome Home, and you can really pick out the bass playing by Jason. 

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: unknown gen cassette > Adobe Audigy Platnium > Goldwave > CDWAVE > WAV (transferred by me)

TIME: 74 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says "Alright Lyon"

FLAWS: A slight 5 second drop in Ride. Slight cut between Whiplash and Thing for
tape flip. Also appears to be an incomplete show with Damage Inc cut. Not sure if
a full show exists.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Another fine performance by the guys, lots of energy, the fans
love it. Even with the rough quality, I still say it's worth having. Of course
I say this about every '82-'87 show.