Hit the Lights
The Mechanix
Phantom Lord
Jump in the Fire
No Remorse
Cliff's Solo
Seek and Destroy

QUALITY: Definitely the best version of this gig - direct from the master tape. Thanks to Dave Jr
for releasing - I've included his notes pertaining to this show:

I decided to put this show up because I have seen it in a few places incomplete,poor quality,and 
even mislabeled. This is my master tape, at the time my best friend Todd (who went to New York a lot back 
then to Kiss conventions,record conventions and that sort of stuff)went to this show and decided to 
tape, when he got out of the trading thing in 1989 he gave me all of his masters.I know that 
I didn't have to put that up,but I decided to give a bit of history for all to understand that when I put 
up I do not know the exact recorder (Realistic-Radio Shack) he used everyone would 
understand. He did use the same mic that I had at the time(Realistic).

Thanks Dave for releasing this show, it's definitely an improvment over what's been floating
around in the trading circles.

SOURCE: Realistic mic > Realistic (?)
TRANSFER: Maxell 90 > Sony HCD551 > Sony RCD W3 > CDR > EAC > Flac Frontend >
TIME: 43 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, from the taper. Since this show is so often mislabeled, one thing that stands out
is James introduces Cliff before No Remorse to begin his solo, James realizes his mistake and says "well
I guess we'll do that later", Cliff solo happens after No Remorse. If you have this on a recording that
is not marked 4-9-83, it's mislabeled.


BAND PERFORMANCE: One of those must have historical shows - Dave Mustaine's reported last gig.
Interestingly enough, you never hear Dave talk. Previously for shows in California Dave would talk
a lot to the crowd - introducing songs etc. Not sure what caused the shift, maybe it was
a natural progression as they knew they were sacking Dave. Otherwise, the performance like
all performances in 1983 was blistering, in your face, fast, and a must have to the collection.
Jump in the Fire still has the original lyrics that do not appear on Kill'em All.