Master of Puppets *
For Whom the Bell Tolls *
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) *
Ride the Lightning *
Jason's Solo *
Whiplash *
The Thing That Should Not Be *
Fade to Black
Seek and Destroy
Creeping Death
> Peanuts theme song > Run to the Hills > Return of the Vampire 
   > Trapped Under Ice jams
The Four Horsemen *
Kirk's solo
 > Munster's theme
Am I Evil? *
Damage, Inc. *
Fight Fire With Fire
Blitzkrieg (w/ Anthrax/Laaz Rockit/Metal Church) *

* these are the only songs for the SBD version.


QUALITY: Great quality. No real noticable tape hiss or
anything. Really nice to listen to. Not sure if there is a complete
version of this out there or not.

TIME: 60 minutes


QUALITY: Really nice quality. There are some guys near the taper that keep yelling for Am I
Evil? but it's only between songs. You really can't hear them when the music plays. Overall
a nice recording with no distortion. Clear instruments, good vocals. You'd be hard pressed
to pass this recording up for just the soundboard. Having both is worth it.

SOURCE: Aiwa CM-30A Mics > Sony WM-D6 Analog Walkman
TRANSFER: Analog Master (2x TDK SA 90 chrom) > AIWA AD-WX909 Tapedeck > Soundblaster Live 5.1(line-in) >
      Wavelab 3.0 > 3x WAV > Lite-on LTR 12101B CDR-Burner > 2x CDR-MASTER (Maxwell CD-R 80 XL)
      > Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-116 PC-DRIVE > EAC > WAV > MKW > SHN
TIME: 96 minutes
TAPER: Haki Reumont

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Zwolle is said once or twice.

FLAWS: none, other than being incomplete.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Awesome performance. The band really crushes on these early
shows with Jason. Not sure if it was fueled by Cliff's death, and needing something
to prove but all of these early '87 shows are great. This is definitely one of the
better '87 shows.