Intro *
That Was Just Your Life *
The End of the Line  *
Leper Messiah 
The Memory Remains 
One *
Broken, Beat & Scarred 
Sad but True 
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) *
The Judas Kiss
Kirk's solo #1 > Sails of Charon
The Day That Never Comes *
Master of Puppets
Dyers Eve *
Kirk's solo #2
Nothing Else Matters 
Enter Sandman 
> Blitzkrieg jam 
Killing Time 
The Prince 
Seek and Destroy *
> Wasting My Hate outro

VIDEO QUALITY: Taper never zooms in, so screen shots below are what you get.  Since this
is so short, not sure it's worth the effort to track down and watch to be honest. 

VERSION: Unknown
SOURCE: Master (?) > DVD

AUDIO QUALITY: The mic is a bit over powered here. The bass is very boomy, and the highs
are a bit tinny.  You definitely get what you pay for with mics, and these mics aren't
very expensive.  

SOURCE: Sony MZ-R900 with Sony ECM-719 Microphone
TAPER: CrueFreak

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Hamburg is said a lot. 

FLAWS: none on the audio.  The DVD is significantly incomplete, songs marked with *
are the ones that are on the DVD. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: These Germany shows sure did have some crazy setlists.  Dyers Eve
comes off very well, as well as Kiling Time and The Prince.  Wow. Still don't
care for Judas Kiss live....not sure why.