For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Harvester of Sorrow
Eye of the Beholder
Jason's solo
> To Live Is to Die jam
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
...And Justice for All
 > How Many More Times/Black Night jam
Creeping Death
Fade to Black
Kirk's solo
> Little Wing jam
> La Bamba > Run to the Hills > Helpless jams
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

VIDEO QUALITY #1: This is the left angle source, and a nice upgrade. Close-ups
are decent enough, but not great.  A little shakey from time to time
as it is hand held. Almost no obstructions so that's also a bonus.  The screen
shot below is for this one, and is the better of the two sources in my opinion. 

VIDEO QUALITY #2: Second source is shot straight back, and is pretty shaky. Also
is not complete and cuts after Fade to Black. 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. James says "Thanks Halifax" after Whiplash.

FLAWS: None.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Just getting under way on the Canadian portion of the
Justice tour.  Overall a nice solid show, great performance.