Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man
>Black Sabbath teaser
The Thing That Should Not Be
Kirk's solo
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Jason's solo 
 w/ Play that Funky Music teaser 
> My Friend of Misery > Welcome Home (Sanitarium) jam
Kirk's solo
Turn the Page
For Whom the Bell Tolls
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
The Call of Ktulu
Sad but True
Creeping Death
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

QUALITY: Really a nice quality show. The taper stood in front of the speaker stacks.
Very low crowd noise, you can hear some crowd sing along, but it's really not bad at all.
Great separation of instruments and vocals. 

SOURCE: Sonic Studios DSM6-P > PA-6LC3 > Sony WM-D6C (from taper)
TIME: 136 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James and Jason make references to being on the island. Also say Honolulu.

FLAWS: none

BAND PERFORMANCE: Spot on performance by Metallica this night. Typical of places they don't visit
very often. The surprise of the setlist was The Call of Ktulu of course. I would never had guessed that
in a million years. Comes off pretty fairly well I think. Maybe a bit tentative, not as smooth as what
they would do in the 2009/2010 tours with Robert.