Master of Puppets 
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 
Kirk's Solo 
Seek and Destroy 
Creeping Death 
 > London Dungeon jam
Am I Evil? 
Damage, Inc.

VIDEO QUALITY: Great 1st gen upgrade, so nice to have these older
shows showing up on DVD.  The footage is shot straight back with
great close-ups.  This is a must have video for the collection.

Version: Sabkisscrue/Hellawaits77
Generation: 1st
Total running time: 59 min


FLAWS: The footage for most of Kirk's solo and Seek and Destroy
is bad due to the master tape getting water damage.  The story
goes the master actually was dropped in a sink full of water. Not
sure how true that is. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Jason's second gig, and what a great
show to have. The power drops out in Master and the
crowd keeps singing, and James loves it.  One of my favorite
moments in all of the bootlegs that I have.  The story goes that
the band actually filmed this, but after the show the camera was left set
up and someone stole the tape. Not sure how true this is, since this
footage was purchased from the club owners.  At any rate, the show
is great, and you should have this in your collection.