That Was Just Your Life (cuts in)
The End of the Line
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Of Wolf and Man
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Turn the Page
All Nightmare Long
Kirk's solo #1
The Day That Never Comes
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

VIDEO QUALITY: Front pit hand held digital camera.  Die hards only, really.  It's very shakey,
and while you get the occasional nice close-up, you get a lot of random ceiling shots, speaker stack
shots, security guards, etc.   Best left to listen to this one.

VERSION: Zooshows/Norbinho
SOURCE: Master > DVD
Audio: LiveMet Soundboard, Audience, Mix 

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Glasgow is said several times

FLAWS: Heavily incomplete.  Recommend listening to the Live Metallica release for this show. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Honestly, didn't watch this one too much through as it's a bit tough.  However,
this is a pretty cool setlist, so I will check it out on the live Metallica.