So What? (Cut)
Last Caress (Cut)
Master of Puppets (Cut)
The Memory Remains (Fades In)
Bleeding Me (Fades In)
Jason's solo (Fades In)
 w/ Play That Funky Music > The Law teaser (cut)
> My Friend of Misery > Welcome Home (Sanitarium) jams
Kirk's solo
 w/ Harvester of Sorrow teaser
The Four Horsemen (Full)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Cut)
King Nothing (Cut)
Creeping Death (Cut)

VIDEO QUALITY: This footage was shot by a news station for later use in a news segment. It's
by far from complete, but 11 years later we finally get to see footage from the Istanbul concert
Very cool. Great video quality.  The first three or so songs are shot from the press
pit by the news station. Some great shots, until Metallica's crew comes and kicks everyone 
out of the press pit area. Then from Memory on it's shot from the crowd on Jason's side.
You can see the two different camera angles in the screen shots below. Thanks to everyone
involved for getting this to see the light of day.

Version: Cagdas
Generation: Beta Cam (?) -> DVD rip -> Adobe Premiere CS3 -> TMPGEnc DVD Author -> You
Video format: PAL
Total running time:

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Istanbul is said 

FLAWS: Heavily cut up by the taper.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Great performance by the band, there are a lot of people at this show
and Metallica delivers a great concert.