For Whom the Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Harvester of Sorrow
Eye of the Beholder
Jason's solo
> To Live Is to Die jam
Master of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
...And Justice for All
> How Many More Times/Black Night Jam
Creeping Death
Fade to Black
Kirk's solo
> Little Wing jam
> Symptom of the Universe > Run to the Hills
    > Helpless jams
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

DVD QUALITY: Not a great video - it's shaky, generated, and lots of obstructions.  But the old videos are
hard to find these days, so may as well grab them all

VERSION: Unknown

AUDIO QUALITY: Despite a fair amount of tape hiss, this recording is pretty nice. Fortuantely, someone sent me
a low gen copy of this show that he acquired from Japan. Unfortunately, it's on an old tape, so there
is a lot of hiss. This show was put on to CD (aka Damaged Justice '89) in the early 90's however, some 
of the show was trimmed to fit on to two cds. See notes below. This is the entire audience 
recording. Like I said earlier, the recording is quite nice minus the tape hiss. Instruments 
are nicely balanced, except for Jason, still can't hear him.  James' vocals come across very 
well. Overall I would recommend the CD over this copy, because the CD sound quality far 
exceeds this tape. However, if you are a die-hard collector and want the most complete 
show possible, you may want this version as well.

So after listening to the tape, and compiling the differences between the cd and this tape I noticed
a trend. Any reference James made to the show taking place in Japan was cut out. Interesting, as 
maybe the taper wanted it this way so the show wouldn't be traced to him? Not sure, but I find
it pretty interesting. You can tell segments are cut from the cd, and I always thought they were
glitches in the master. Mystery solved.

Snipets cut from the cd:
Right before Seek and Destory:
James "So you guys drink some beer? You drink Japanese beer yeah? We have some here, so kompai"
James "I would've handed it to you, but you're too far away."

Right after Battery:
James "Yeah, hey, Thank You, Domo Arigato, See ya" (the Domo Arigato part is cut out on the cd)

During Am I Evil opening guitar solo
Jason "Hey George, pay for any sushi latley"

After Whiplash:
James "Thank you man, dig it. Domo Arigato. Thank You, see ya. (The part after 'dig it' is cut 
       on the cd)

After Breadfan:
James "Arigato, see ya" 

SOURCE: Unknown audience analog
TIME: 135 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes. Although James does not say Tokyo once during the show. At the
end of Breadfan the taper lets the recorder go. Someone speaking Japanese is talking 
in the microphone, and then someone in English says "We will be here tomorrow." It
doesn't sound like one of the band members though. Anyway, that implies to me that
he was talking about the 5/14 show. This one is tough since at the 5/11 show
James does say Tokyo. Will have to dig a little deeper on this one, but for now I
believe this is the correct show.  Video also confirms that this show is 5/13.

FLAWS: Tape 1 flips in middle of Master of Puppets. There will be a slight drop when I
convert this to cd right after James yells "Fix me fuckers". Also some of the jam part
of Seek and Destroy is missing.  Fade to Black is also split between tape 1 and tape 2,
which will cause a minigap when I convert to cd. I've now converted this to cd.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Band is really on tonight, probably excited to play two nights in 
Tokyo. By this time I think Metallica was really starting to gain popularity with the
One video/single being out for awhile. This is even more obvious when they come back to
do the US summer tour.  Couple of flaws performance wise, one is Kirk's guitar cuts out 
during the last solo in Welcome Home, not really his fault. James also stumbles through 
some of the lyrics to Fade to Black, pretty funny.  Great show overall, both Tokyo shows are 
standouts from the Justice tour. Highly recommend for those looking for highlights of 
each tour. Jason is also singing some lyrics in Creeping Death and Whiplash. Not sure when 
that started, I'll have to back track from this show and see.