St. Anger (Cut) 
Creeping Death 
Robert's Jungle Essence
 w/ Orion
Fade to Black 
Nothing Else Matters 
Master of Puppets 
Enter Sandman 

QUALITY: This is shot from the floor on Kirk's side. So it's shaky with a lot of heads
and hands. The audio comes from the Live Metallica release, so at the very least
you have some great sounding audio. There are a few parts where the video drops out
but the audio keeps going. I suppose it was easier to keep the live metallica sync
in place. Most notable from Robert's solo and Nothing Else Matters and One.

SOURCE: Unknown camera
TIME: 55 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes James says Zaragoza a few times

FLAWS: Missing a large portion of the concert.

BAND PERFORMANCE: A pretty short fragment of this show, so it's hard to really give a full
band review. I haven't listened to the full live metallica release yet. What is here is
really good. The video is shakey, but there are some nice shots. Battery seems really
"frantic" and that the band and James seem on the edge of losing the timing of the 
song. This is I think the first time we hear Robert do a solo that wasn't before Bells.
Previously, Kirk had been doing a solo before Fade to Black, so looks like they are breaking
it up a bit.  Cool Orion bit that he adds in at the end.