Fight Fire With Fire
Ride the Lightning
Phantom Lord
The Four Horsemen
Cliff's Bass Solo
For Whom the Bell Tolls
No Remorse
Call of Kutulu
Seek and Destroy
Creeping Death
Kirk's Guitar Solo
Metal Militia
> Metal Up Your Ass chant
Am I Evil? (cut)

QUALITY: Pretty rough quality, but the vibe is still there. The fans are
very excited to see Metallica, singing along and chanting. Classic stuff. The bass,
drums, and guitars are kind of muffled with a slight distortion to them. James' vocals
are pretty easy to pick out. Not the greatest '84 recording, but you can still tell
it was a great show to be at.

SOURCE: Unknown audience analog
TIME: 85 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, James says "Zurich, Ride the Lightning", and "You're roaring tonight,
aren't you Zurich" James also talks about this being the second time in Zurich, and the
fans are kickin' ass over last time.

FLAWS: Slight drop out between Remorse and Ktulu. This may have been due to
a tape flip, but the beginning of Ktulu is cut very slightly, as well as some
possible talking in between these two songs. There is a big drop out between Militia
and Evil. Most of Am I Evil is missing, it starts with the second guitar solo on. 

BAND PERFORMANCE: Great performance by the band, I absolutely love these '84 European
shows. The intensity of these shows is incredible. I have no idea how big these venues
were, but they can't be more than 1000-1500 people. The fans that came out this night
were into this show. Notice comments above from James. Overall great show despite
the poor quality of the recording.  Metallica headlined with Tank as supporters.