Intro *
Blackened *
For Whom the Bell Tolls *
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) *
The Four Horsemen *
Harvester of Sorrow *
Eye of the Beholder
Jason solo
> To Live Is to Die jam *
Master of Puppets *
Damage, Inc. *
One *
Seek and Destroy *
...And Justice for All *
 > Bern Crowd Improv chant *
Creeping Death *
Fade to Black 
Kirk solo
> Little Wing jam
 > Dazed and Confused > Prowler > 
    > Run to the Hills > Helpless jams
Last Caress
Am I Evil?

AUDIO QUALITY: Really nice sounding show. The music is very upfront on the recording. No
distortion, very little crowd noise. Definitely a nice addition to the collection.

SOURCE: unknown mics > unknown recorder
TRANSFER: 1st gen > CDR
TIME: 115 minutes

DVD QUALITY: A low to Mid gen video was used, so the colors are a tad washed out,
and a bit fuzzy around the edges.  Otherwise, it's an interesting angle that is
on the left side. You are basically looking down on to the stage.  Though the
downside is you have to look around some speakers and wires.

SOURCE: Low gen > DVD
TRANSFER: 1st gen > CDR
TIME: 80 minutes

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Helsinki is said quite a few times.

FLAWS: The DVD is incomplete. Songs marked with a * are only available on the
DVD.  The audio is complete and no flaws.

BAND PERFORMANCE: Great performance from the band, very intense. Battery sounds
great. The Prowler jam is one of the longer versions they've played. Damage Inc
is still in the set at this point, once they hit Germany I believe this falls off
the set. All in all a great show, that should be in your collection.